Eight things to do as your due date nears

 Photo: Getty Images

The home stretch of pregnancy can seem like an eternity. But there are some constructive ways that you can pass the time.

1. Pampering

Although some women enjoy it, for others pregnancy can be a long old slog. Either way, the last few weeks can seem like a lifetime. Indulging in some pampering is a nice way to relax and reward yourself for all that human growing - try a facial, pregnancy massage, or mani/pedi.

2. Babymoon

It could be your last chance to get away as a couple before the arrival of bub turns your life upside down. You don't need to go to an exotic island, and you don't even need to get away - you can have a staycation babymoon! All that matters is that you spend some quality time with your partner.

3. Sleep

Lots of new mums say that they find it hard to sleep in the day. So despite the sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby, they power through daytime and don't nap when the baby naps.

But you can learn to sleep in the day - and getting your head down in the afternoon during the final stretch of your pregnancy is a great way to practice.

4. Get your paper work organised


Becoming a parent means that a little person will be totally dependant on you. And while it's not pleasant to think about, this means that you need to consider what will happen to that little person if anything happens to you and your partner - it could be time to make a will. You don't need to engage a fancy lawyer and you can even get a DIY kit from the post office.

Also make sure you know where you stand with Centrelink and all your government payments before bub arrives. Check it out here.

5. Cook up a storm

If you are someone who enjoys cooking, then spending some time preparing foods to stock your freezer with delicious meals for a rainy day (that is, any day with a new baby in the house) is a great win/win.

6. Decorate the nursery

In reality, your baby won't care if the cot bedding matches the curtains, but spending some time creating a space in your home that will be your baby's is a lovely way to bond with your bump.

You don't need to spend a fortune - there are lots of creative ways that you can decorate the space. So no matter what sort of budget you have you can turn your spare room into a beautiful nursery.

7. Socialise

While you may intend to see as much of your friends after the baby comes as you do now, the reality is that babies do shake things up a bit. It's possible that those first few months may become a bit all consuming and your pre-baby plans might go out the window.

Spending some time with your friends now might take some of the pressure off once the baby has arrived.

8. Pack your hospital bag

Some women resit packing their hospital bag because they worry it will accidently induce labour before they are ready. But leaving it too late means you might find yourself pulling your hospital bag together while you are in the throes of labour – and that is a challenge you can really do without!