Drone films explosive gender reveal

Photo: Chris Washington
Photo: Chris Washington 

People are certainly getting more and more creative with their gender reveal announcements. It seems cutting into a cake is too ho-hum these days, what with fire engines, balloons, cars and even guns now involved in people's celebrations.

Chris Washington has to be in line for a 'best brother-in-law' award after filming a gender reveal with a drone camera. In the one minute video, expectant dad Richard - an avid shooter - is filmed driving to a remote location in Arizona in his 4WD ute. He then emerges from the vehicle, drops to the ground where his rifle is set up, and aims at his target.

The drone flies overhead as the coloured powder is released into the air, tantalisingly shown at first in black and white before the colour is revealed.

We're always waiting for people to come with increasingly inventive ways to do the gender reveal and here's the latest, in true US style. We're just wondering where Richard's wife Jeanette is in all of this.


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