Don't give your kids nicknames: woman says childhood nickname makes her ‘really uncomfortable’

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Nicknames can be endearing and sometimes preferred to over the longer version. But not everyone is happy with the monikers they're given from a young age.

One woman has decided that the diminutive of her name isn't professional enough, deciding instead to go by her longer given name.

"My name is similar to Elizabeth (not my real name) but from the second I was born, my parents always called me Betty," she explains in the Reddit post., which she titled: 'Nicknames suck'.

"It's a common derivative nickname, but very different from the full name."

The woman explained that she went by her nickname throughout school and university but when she started applying for jobs she started going by Elizabeth, saying she feels it "comes off more professionally."

"Fast forward to now — I'm 40," she says. "Half the people in my life call me Betty and half the people call me Elizabeth. IT SUCKS."

The woman said it gets especially confusing when the people that call her 'Elizabeth' meet the people that call her 'Betty'.

The woman said her given name was more professional when it came to applying for jobs.

The woman said her given name was more professional when it came to applying for jobs. Photo: Getty Images

"It is a train wreck ....everyone spends a good long while talking about 'wow I could never imagine her as a Betty,' or 'I could never call her Elizabeth!'" the woman complained, before saying it always ends with people asking what they should call her.


 "The answer is I don't know," she admitted. "Neither? Both? They're both me."

The confusing situation bothered her so much that it had a major impact when it came to naming her own children.

"I have two kids and their names are just their names," she said, saying people always ask her what she calls them.

"The answer is... their name," the mother quipped, before finishing the post with: "thanks for coming to my TED talk."

Some Reddit users agreed with the woman, sharing their own similar stories

"The majority of people sharing my first name shorten it to the obvious nickname," one user shared. "I used to attempt to use my proper name all the time, but so many people automatically use the nickname that I gave up correcting them."

However others said it's common for different names to reflect various stages of your life.

"I feel like it's pretty common and sort of neat to have people from different times in your life call you different things," one person replied. "My family has specific nicknames for me, my childhood friends call me my given name, my college friends call me a nickname derivative that I chose as an adult, and my husband and kids call me mum."

Others couldn't resist poking fun at her use of 'TED' talk.

 "I think you mean "Theodore Talk," one user joked, with another adding "or Edward talk".