Don't do it: woman tells sister not to name baby niece after her

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Having a child named after you is usually considered the ultimate honour. However, one woman has made it clear she does not want her niece sharing her unusual moniker.

The woman has taken to reddit to ask whether she is being unfair after her pregnant sister accused her of "claiming" the name for herself when she made her feelings clear.

She did not reveal the unique name at the centre of the sibling squabble. Instead, for the purpose of the story, she used "Epona" because "it's similar in terms of popularity and origin".

"Allow me at this point to provide insight into what being called Epona is like," the woman explained.

"Since I started school, I've gotten 'that's an ... interesting/unusual/unique ... name'. My nan on mum's side hated it and would only ever call me by my middle name, which confused the hell out of me growing up.I have the nickname 'Epi' despite hating it with a passion.

"I have never met another Epona. Ever. My workplace asked if they could just put me as 'E [surname]' on the website when most of my colleagues have full names."

It's not surprising the woman does not want her niece to suffer similar name shame as she grows up, but she tried to stay quiet about her concerns - until her sister pushed the issue.

"She directly asked me why I didn't comment more on the name choice, given that she's naming her kid after me," the woman wrote.

"I said in the most delicate way possible that while I like my name now, it's caused me problems, and laid it out for her.


"She then responded that I'm being a b**ch for no reason, it's none of my business, and accused me of 'claiming' the name, and trying to make her dislike it so I'm the only one with an 'interesting' name."

The woman said her sister told her dad, who expects her to apologise. However, she doesn't feel she did the wrong thing by giving her honest opinion.

To make matters worse, the woman and her sister have never been particularly close and there are questions about where the mum-to-be is actually getting inspiration for the baby name from anyway.

"She said she was naming the kid after me, though I'm pretty sure it's really to do with a TV show she's obsessed with," the woman wrote.

Reddit users agreed "Epona" did the right thing and should not have to apologise.

"She asked, you answered honestly. Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer," one user said.

"Why don't people remember when they name their kid that they aren't just naming a baby, they are naming a second grader with a**hole classmates, an awkward tween, a person applying for their first job?" another pointed out.

"Just because you think it's a good name for a baby doesn't mean it's a good name for all the stages of life."