Dad of four girls faints at gender reveal for fifth baby

It was all too much excitement for this dad.

Julio Pena and his wife Kari knew they were they expecting their fifth child after having four girls, but wanted to share the news of the baby's gender with their family and friends as they found out.

Julio Pena and his wife Kari are expecting baby number 5.
Julio Pena and his wife Kari are expecting baby number 5.  Photo: YouTube

So they had their obstetrician write the baby's sex on a note and put it in a sealed envelope for their eldest daughter, Chastity, 16, to organise a gender reveal cake.  

The instructions were simple. If it was a boy, the insides of the cake would be blue; if it was a girl, it would be pink.

The Penas – including other daughters Christalyn, 13, Nayalyn, 8, and Nakayla, 7 – gathered with friends at the family's New York home for the announcement on January 17.  

A video of the event shows the partygoers chanting "It's a boy!" even before the cake is cut. Then comes Pena's shock as he learns that the cake is, indeed, blue. He crumbles to the ground as the room erupts into cheers.

He later told ABC News, "It was like I collapsed and fainted at the same time."   

"I seen the colour, but my mind started playing games with me, I'm like, wait a minute that's the colour, oh my God it's a boy. Next thing you know I just passed out.


"I've been waiting for this for a long time, for a boy," he said, adding that afterwards, "They had to sit me down in the sofa and I couldn't say anything. I was in shock."

His wife Kari, who is due in June, was also thrilled with the news.

"[My husband] was so nervous. He was dying for a boy forever," she said.