Dad deliberately ruins his own baby's gender reveal: 'Saved us at least $7,000'

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Gender reveals have becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, as well as much more extravagant.

One man decided he wanted to avoid the event altogether, by putting a pin in his wife's elaborate plans. How? He simply posted the posted the news on Facebook first. And she's not happy.

In a post to Reddit, the man explained the couple already share a two-year-old daughter, who they had a big gender reveal for.

"My wife is really into films," he said, adding she loves to analyse how films are made, which inspired her to make a short gender reveal movie.

"Kind of weird but I went along with it," he continued. "We posted it and she was super happy with it but it cost so much."

"She hired expensive cameras, we drove out to scenic areas for the right shot, I'm working full time during this process," he said, admitting the whole thing was "exhausting."

So when the couple found out they were expecting baby number two, the man was not keen to relive the experience.

"We just found out that we're having a boy and she started writing a script," he said. "I thought there's no f---ing way I'm doing that again, so I posted on Facebook 'we're having a boy.'"

"She's p---ed at me telling me to delete it but the damage is done," he said, admitting he doesn't feel bad about it.  "I saved us at least £4k" ($7000 AUD).


"What I don't get it why she's just making films about gender reveals, she can write a script about anything and not be on a strict six to seven-month time limit," he wrote, before asking Redditers if he did the wrong thing.

Reddit users were divided on this one, with many agreeing that although $7000 is a lot to spend on a gender reveal, he shouldn't have gone behind her back and just announced the gender to the world.

"The adult thing to do would have been to, you know, talk to her and explain that he didn't think it was worth such a huge monetary investment, maybe even brainstorm some cheaper cute ways to announce it," one user wrote. "I would be furious if my husband just slapped something like this up on FB knowing that it was important to me."

"I agree with you on gender reveals being ridiculous, and that being way too much money to waste on one, but you don't just kneecap something your partner is this excited about without talking to them first," agreed another. "They both need to work on their communication."