Couple use Toyota doing a burnout to reveal sex of baby

The scene from above.
The scene from above.  Photo: YouTube

Just when we thought we'd seen every gender reveal idea there is, along comes another one that tops them all.

We've previously covered gender reveals involving shooting a box of coloured explosives, special surprise hair dyes, exploding baseballs and lots more – each idea as individual and creative as each new set of parents-to-be.

And now we've got a brand new unique way of announcing the sex of the future baby: using the coloured smoke clouds from a car doing a burnout.

The Aslingers shared a video of the announcement on YouTube, and the expectant dad, who runs Custom Concepts Motorsports in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, explained that the special tyres had been shipped from Australia.

"With our second child on the way we fitted our single turbo Toyota Supra that my wife Cori drives with colored smoke tires that we had shipped to us from our friends at East Coast Customs in Brisbane, QLD, Australia (," he wrote.

"The color would be blue if we were having a boy and red/pink if it was a girl and then we gathered our families and friends to have a party.

"The results speak for themselves and I have some prepping to do for my little girl now!"

The video has been a hit on YouTube, where many have praised the couple for the idea – and have looked into how they can do a similar thing for their own baby gender reveals in future.