Couple announces that they’re both expecting – three weeks apart

The couple's announcement.
The couple's announcement. Photo: Instagram

It's true that being pregnant at the same time as your best friend makes the whole experience double the fun. You can read all the pregnancy books together, compare notes on what's normal and what's not, and never worry that you're boring each other with all that baby talk.

But for this pair of best friends it's even more special, because they're also married.

Toby Fleischman and her wife Lindsay Lanciault are both pregnant with boys, due three weeks apart. Not only is this utterly adorable, it's also important. Because by sharing their story, Toby and Lindsay are also helping to raise awareness of how LGBTQ couples grow their families.

Toby made their incredible announcement on Instagram, with one showing a pregnant belly and holding a sign saying, "It's a boy", and the other also showing a pregnant belly and holding a sign saying, "It's also a boy." The US couple's dog sits in the middle with a sign that says, "Big sister".

"Everyone always says they want to get pregnant with their best friend and I just happened to be lucky enough to be married to mine," Toby said in her Instagram caption. "Our 'twin' boys will be joining us this summer and we couldn't be more elated!"

The path to this wonderful outcome for the couple hasn't been easy. It can be tough enough getting pregnant for any couple, but those in the LGBTQ community face unique challenges.

The couple told PopSugar that Toby had planned on having a baby first because she was the older of the two women so her window for conception was smaller. She did fall pregnant by using a sperm donor, but unfortunately the baby miscarried.

Other complications meant the women had to find a new sperm donor, and the couple say it was a stressful and tense time, not only in their lives, but in their relationship.

Eventually the couple decided to focus on Lindsay getting pregnant, which led to feelings of jealousy and negativity for the pair, which is common in same sex partnerships, but not often spoken about in public.


"I wish more women had spoken openly to me about it before and during our process. It wasn't until I started sharing the details with some friends that I learned I wasn't alone," Toby told Babble.

The couple decided to redirect their energy into both of them falling pregnant and see what happened. They succeeded with the help of fertility experts.

Toby found out she was pregnant in November, after two years of trying to conceive. It was at this time that Lindsay was just starting to try to fall pregnant too, and she succeeded straight away – finding out she was pregnant three weeks later.

The couple used the same sperm donor.

Despite the extraordinary situation, the women are experiencing pretty typical pregnancies – times two.

Toby said, "[We] go through waves – in one day – of being obsessed and in love with each other and so euphoric to 'I don't want to be next to you. Please don't talk to me.'"

If they can synchronise those feelings, they're golden. We wish them the best of luck with their two sons.