Bend it like Beckham: These are names of people most likely to become sporting stars

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Who wouldn't want to raise a little sporting star?

Well, according to some research conducted by Myprotein Australia, your child's name could have a lot to do with setting them up for sporting stardom.

Analysing a list of more than 8,500 sports stars, the study examined the most popular names of athletes who are at the top of their game in a wide range of sports all over the world, looking particularly at athletes from Australia, the USA and UK. 

They then divided the names by gender, totalling up the amount of times the names appeared and merging derivatives and iterations of the same name (ie: Bill includes those named Billy, William, and Will,)

For boys, John is the name most likely to result in a gold-medal level of sporting ability; followed by Bill, James and David.

If you have a daughter you think is a future sporting superstar, the top names are Christine, Kim and Anna.

Check out the top 10 names below and the full report here.

Top Boy's names:

  1. John - 256 Sports Stars
  2. Bill - 171 Sports Stars
  3. James - 155 Sports Stars 
  4. David - 142 Sports Stars 
  5. Bob - 136 Sports Stars 
  6. Mike - 134 Sports Stars 
  7. Tom - 133 Sports Stars 
  8. Peter - 124 Sports Stars 
  9. Jack - 111 Sports Stars 
  10. George - 94 Sports Stars 

Top girl's names:

  1. Christine - 49 Sports Stars 
  2. Kim - 45 Sports Stars 
  3. Anna - 44 Sports Stars 
  4. Mary - 35 Sports Stars 
  5. Sarah - 32 Sports Stars 
  6. Susan - 29 Sports Stars 
  7. Jennifer - 25 Sports Stars 
  8. Laura - 22 Sports Stars 
  9. Emily - 22 Sports Stars 
  10. Julie - 20 Sports Stars