Would you try this latest gender reveal trend?

Would you embrace this new gender reveal trend?
Would you embrace this new gender reveal trend? Photo: Shutterstock

These days, parents-to-be are finding out their babies' sex in any number of weird and wonderful ways, from cakes, to burnouts to manicures. But here's a trend we haven't seen yet - and there's not a balloon in sight.

Mama-to-be, Dantrielle, of Tennessee, entrusted a high school friend with the big reveal -  via hair dye and a bright new 'do.

Speaking to Yahoo Beauty, hairstylist Janeese Murphy, said of Dantrielle, "She's a friend from high school who I recently reconnected with since moving back to Memphis. I've been wanting to get my hands in her hair. She wears lots of fashion colours — fun, non-traditional hair colours — and I just wanted to have some fun."

Of the gender-reveal-by-hair-dye, Ms Murphy said, "I have never seen anyone else do it. I love gender reveals, and this idea was intimate and unique." And oh-so easy.

Dantrielle simply brought a sealed envelope to her friend's salon after confirming bub's sex during an antenatal appointment. To keep the secret from the expectant mama, Ms Murphy mixed the colour out the back and used a blindfold while she dyed her hair.

And, she explained, the process was 100 per cent safe.

"My client's hair was already blonde, and we didn't use any bleach," Ms Murphy said. "The colour used was ammonia-free and never touched her scalp, so it was super safe to do while she was pregnant."

Watch the reveal in action:


A quick look on Instagram shows that other women are also starting to embrace this colourful trend, learning their baby's sex while at the salon, or using their hair to share the news with the world.


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