Why police are cracking down on this gender reveal trend

Police are cracking down on 'shocking' gender reveal trend
Police are cracking down on 'shocking' gender reveal trend Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK

Police are cracking down on a dangerous gender reveal trend, "baby burnouts" which they say are placing lives at risk. 

Video of Canberra mum-to-be Danielle Hope, aired on Nine News, shows the moment the heavily pregnant woman discovers she's expecting a baby boy, as blue smoke billows from the dangerous stunt.

And police have had enough. 

Police are cracking down on these dangerous gender reveals.
Police are cracking down on these dangerous gender reveals. Photo: Nine news

"It's shocking, a car in this situation in a small street," Inspector Phillip Brooks of NSW Police told Nine News. "The risks to other residents and other road users is certainly significant."

It's the second incident in just a matter of weeks, with another Western Sydney couple announcing their baby's gender via a burnout in their Mercedes Benz.

Those caught, notes Inspector Brooks, face serious repercussions. "Someone in this situation faces not only jail time but losing their car and losing their licence," he says.

"This is reckless, dangerous behaviour."

Peter Frazer of Safer Australian Roads & Highways agrees. "What goes through the minds of this stupid person who is willing to be out there putting other people's lives at risk," he says. "People that are doing these sorts of things at events, social events, are putting themselves and those that are watching these stupid acts at great risk on our roads."


According to the NSW Roads & Maritimes Services (RMS), tough measures are in place to combat "anti-social 'car hoon' behaviour". "The laws make it clear for irresponsible drivers treating NSW roads as their own personal race track that this is selfish and dangerous behaviour, and will not be tolerated," they say.

It's not the first time a baby burnout gender reveal has made headlines. In a 2015 clip that has been viewed over 300,000 times,Tennessee couple used a Toyota Supra - with Australian parts - to announce they were expecting a girl.

"With our second child on the way we fitted our single turbo Toyota Supra that my wife Cori drives with coloured smoke tires that we had shipped to us from our friends at East Coast Customs in Brisbane, QLD, Australia," they captioned the YouTube video. "The colour would be blue if we were having a boy and red/pink if it was a girl and then we gathered our families and friends to have a party. The results speak for themselves and I have some prepping to do for my little girl now."