The baby shower to have when you don't want a baby shower

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So a baby shower just isn't for you. You have your reasons; maybe you went and bought everything already, or feel uncomfortable accepting gifts from people. It takes all types to make a world and for some, a baby shower just isn't their thing.

Perhaps you simply want to call it a catchier name or make it a more spiritual event to reflect your own beliefs. Or maybe you want to have a little party but aren't into games and little cakes. You're in luck; it's probably the best time ever to break the mould and celebrate your baby a little more differently than your forebears. 

Here's what other people are doing to honour new life and the parents who created it.

A little disclaimer; some of these are totally baby showers, just done a tad differently. Others sit way outside the baby shower box.

The Push Party


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If it's good enough for Queen Bey and Jay Z, it's good enough for you. A push party is co-ed; men are included and anything goes really. Gifts or no gifts, first child, second child, whatever. Plus it's got that catchy alliterative name. It's a great excuse for a party, with none of the traditional rules of a baby shower.

Baby Q

Many are repackaging baby showers as a Baby Q, which is a less formal occasion for both men and women to attend, and usually held in the backyard or a park. The idea is, quite simply, to have a BBQ to celebrate the impending arrival. Some go all out and others keep it simple. Many also opt for a more simple gift, like a pack of nappies or wipes.


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High Tea

Not keen on juggling cups of tea in a cramped lounge room? Don't want to do an outdoor event in unfavourable weather? Then why not get out of the house with your pals and treat yourselves to a civilised high tea. These can certainly be hosted in a home, but many venues are set up for it too.

The Baby Sprinkle


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If it's not your first baby, or didn't didn't have a baby shower the first time around, then a Baby Sprinkle is for you. It's the low key version, where you celebrate subsequent babies with your close friends and family and there is little or no emphasis on gifts. There are exceptions to this etiquette (and of course it's really up to you) such as, long gap between babies and multiple siblings of the same gender. What a lovely idea for guests to write down their wishes for baby (above) - this might just be the best gift of all.

Books for Baby

This type of celebration sees guests bringing a book as a gift. They inscribe a message in the front for the child to treasure as they grow. The other aspects of the event are entirely up to you, but it's a great theme and you won't end up overloaded with onesies, nor feel awkward about the amount or expense of gifts.


A Blessingway is all about the mother. A traditional Navajo (native American) ceremony, it is intended to protect and guide her into new motherhood, and celebrate her role in creating new life. The mother sits in a circle of her nearest and dearest female friends and family and they present affirmations to her - these can be their own birth experiences and statements of empowerment.

It is common for guests to bring a plate of food and a bead to add to a birth necklace. The mother's belly can be adorned with henna and she may be pampered with foot and hand massages. There are many activities that can be done at Blessingways - do your reserach and work out which ones appeal to you.


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