The baby shower cake that has people gagging

The now famous cake in question.
The now famous cake in question. Photo: Mumsnet

Remember when baby shower cakes were just a delightful vanilla sponge, with perhaps a little baby figurine on top? These days, baby shower cakes have been getting more graphic, with many depicting some confronting childbirth scenes, but a cake has surfaced online recently that is challenging even the most dedicated cake lovers.

Maybe it's in preparation for the fact that parenting can be super gross, but this baby shower cake is upsetting people and killing appetites all over the internet.

A Mumsnet user came across the photo and shared it in the forum.

"I'm wondering who the f*ck would order this cake?" she wrote in the caption. "Now I like a joke as much as the next person, I even find those kids' toys that poo and fart marginally funny. But this has to be one of the nastiest cakes I've seen!"

The cake is an unfolded nappy with poo dribbling out the back, with the word "baby" written across the front. And all I can think is, please don't give me a slice from the back. I don't know what they used to create that poo, but it's a mystery I'm happy to live with to the end of my days.

Commenters were horrified.

"That cake is repugnant," wrote one person.

Another said, "Christ on a crumpet! That's an abomination."

Others were concerned the faeces weren't accurately portrayed. "The poo isn't very accurate," commented one critic.


And I'm wondering if it would be any more appetising if the poo looked more like poo?

Another said, "I don't mind the birth cakes so much for some reason. Or more solid-looking poo. I think it's the runniness that makes me sick."

Me too, my friend.

One upset commenter said what we're all thinking, "That should come with some kind of warning."

The cake's creator Hana Thurston told HuffPost UK she created the cake for her sister's baby shower.

"I had no idea my sister's baby shower cake would become such a hot, steamy topic," she said. "That is awesome. According to all the comments online, all over the world, I guess I make sh*tty cakes."

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