Move over cupcakes: gender reveal lasagna is now a thing

Lasagna gender reveals are here.
Lasagna gender reveals are here. Photo: Facebook

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it's only January but I'm calling it.

The weirdest, and most unnecessary, gender reveal trend of 2019 is already upon us - and the end of the world is clearly nigh.

Because back street burnouts and wildfires costing billions of dollars in damage are obviously so 2018, the latest way to announce whether you're expecting a boy or a girl is with lasagna, helpfully dyed a fetching shade of turquoise or pink.

What the fork?

Take a look:

Villa Italian Kitchen is the restaurant chain behind this Crime Against Pasta, announcing their gender reveal package on Facebook on Wednesday morning. "Celebrate your family's new addition with our catering package which includes a cheese lasagne with a pink or blue interior."

A pink or blue interior ... just try to hold us back.

But the gender reveal experience doesn't stop at dyed lasanga innards. Expectant parents also receive (undyed) garlic rolls and salad to celebrate the sex of their bub.


According to the press release, the lasagnes will create a "delicious memory" for new parents to cherish - a delicious memory that costs a cool AU $195.

"Each lasagna is made-to-order from pasta imported from Italy, a classic Italian Alfredo sauce, creamy ricotta cheese and melty mozzarella. The Gender Reveal Lasagna is sure to be the talk of any party – once the new parents cut into the lasagne and reveal either pink or blue dyed cheese, everyone in attendance can celebrate the family's new addition with a hearty meal!" 

Yeah, look, I'm still stuck on the "dyed cheese bit."

Over on Twitter, reactions to the "delicious memory" haven't exactly been kind.

Others, however, chose to see the positives, using the cheesy mess to start a broader conversation about sex and gender.

If we're looking at the positives, I suppose another pro is that, unlike suburban street burnouts and the use of explosive targets containing Tenorite, police are unlikely to be called to these gender reveal parties. Although they probably should be ... because as one commenter pointed out, not even Garfield would touch this lasagna. 

And that's saying something.