Is this the best baby shower gift ever?

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I have a confession to make: I never finished writing thank-you notes for my guests after my baby shower. To be fair, I had a pretty good excuse: post-natal psychosis rendered me barely able to function, let alone craft individual cards for my loved ones.  But serious illness aside, even for mums who experience a less dramatic initiation to motherhood, writing thank you cards when you're knee deep in nappies and sleep deprivation can seem like an all-too-difficult task.

That's why when I heard what a woman at a mum-to-be's baby shower said, I may have let out a little fist-pump.

"At my baby shower yesterday," Laura Turner wrote on Twitter, "one woman said, before I started opening gifts, 'Can we give you the gift of no thank-you notes?'"

As her guests let out a collective gasp, Ms Tuner adds, "I DIED, and now I'm going to be that lady at every shower I go to."

"Wait - gasped in a good way?" one tweeter asked. "Or gasped in like, a horrified way?"

"Very good," Ms Turner replied. "Like WHY haven't we all thought of this already?"

The expectant mama's tweet has since gone viral, with women around the world determined to pay it forward with their own friends and family. 


One even called the gesture "feminist badassery!"

Others shared that they still carry the guilt of not having sent their thank-you cards, years down the track.

But not everyone felt the same way.  Some commenters lamented the lost art of letter writing in favour of texts and emails, while others said they'd still send cards - no matter what. 

As always, it comes down to personal preference. If writing thank-you notes is something that's important to you and a tradition you'd like to uphold then go for it. But let's not expect it of the new mums in our lives. I certainly plan to pay this gesture forward at the next baby shower I go to. Because having one less thing to worry about in that hazy, exhausting, terrifying, wonderful time immediately after baby is born, can make all the difference.

As one mum said: "I tell all new mums to skip the note and use that five minutes to nap."

Amen, sister.