How to make a DIY baby hamper

Photo: Getty/Mar Merelo
Photo: Getty/Mar Merelo 

Baby showers and the birth of a baby are such joyous occasions.

It's a wonderful gesture to put together a hamper of baby items you've hand-selected for that personal touch to your gift.

We've pulled together some of the best, to show you, as well as providing a step-by-step guide on how to make a baby hamper.

1. Choose your basket or tub

One neat idea is to buy a baby bath and fill it to the brim. Otherwise there are baskets and other useful tubs which have a life beyond the opening of the gift.

2. Plan the contents

We suggest choosing bath products, an outfit, a toy, some disposable nappies and other baby care items such as a hooded baby bath towel, soft washers, wrap, or a baby sleep bag.

If you get started early, you can have the pleasure of choosing the items over time, and you have more chance of taking advantage of sales that crop up. Add a baby item to your shopping trolley each well and you'll amass some beautiful things in next to no time.

3. Arrange and wrap

Think in advance, how you will wrap your hamper and make sure you have the materials to hand. Options include clear cellophane and tulle so that the contents can be seen. 

Start by lining the basket/tub with cellophane, tissue paper or a gift-quality towel so the hamper items will be supported.

Put the taller items at the rear and higher up, and the shorter items at front sitting further down.


Wrap the bundle in your material of choice and top it off with an attractive ribbon to seal the hamper for transport.