Baby shower gift idea: Hilarious milestone cards for mums

A selection of the cards.
A selection of the cards. Photo: Mum's Milestones

When you're a new mum, some of the things you used to take for granted can seem like an impossible dream.

Going to the bathroom alone, wearing your old pair of skinny jeans, sleeping through the night – remember those?

But these events will occur again, and sometimes you'll feel like cheering when you do achieve them. 

The cards creators, Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner.
The cards creators, Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner.  Photo: Mum's Milestones

Two Sydney mums know this all too well, and have created a hilarious set of cards to help other mothers recognise and celebrate these events.

Esti Zilber and Becky Feine started their Mum's Milestones project after realising that there were no products out there to show the reality of a mother's life.

"We were spending a lot of time together as new mums, thinking about how stuff we were talking about wasn't being reflected to us in the products out there, and what was being posted on social media," Zilber told Mashable.

"We were having a laugh at how these 'baby milestones' were being celebrated with these beautiful photos of babies, but no one was really acknowledging what mums were going through."

The women, who are both mums of two young children, started selling the Mum's Milestones set in March, and they've been a hit ever since.

The cards feature tongue-in-cheek achievements such as "We did it for the first time" and "I'm now on a first name basis with the pharmacist".


"I guess at a time when you're sleep deprived and your hormones are going a bit crazy, that kind of stuff would be either overwhelming or hilarious," Zilber said.

"It's a good opportunity for us to let other mums know that they aren't going through it alone."

The cards are also contributing to a great cause: a portion of the profits will go to postnatal depression and anxiety organisation PANDA.

The cards come in a set of 25.
The cards come in a set of 25.  Photo: Mum's Milestones

The sets are available from and sell for $29.95 with free postage in Australia. There are 25 cards in each set.

As Zilber told Mashable, the cards would make a great gift for a mum or mum-to-be who needs a giggle.

"I think it's sometimes to okay call bullsh*t on the baby gift and give something for mum ... and a good way to stand out from the crowd at those boring baby showers," Zilber said.