Gender reveal proves it really is a dog's life

Infinite Smiles Photography
Infinite Smiles Photography 

Once upon a time, when a baby was born, someone would look between its legs, exclaim "it's a boy" or "it's a girl", and the proud parents would share this news along with the baby's name, weight, and date and time of birth.

Now, the gender reveal has become almost as much effort as labour itself, with parents-to-be finding increasingly elaborate ways of sharing their news with the world. We've seen the golf reveal, the volcano reveal, a double dip reveal, and the fire truck reveal.

But one couple has found a new way to make gender reveals even more over the top. US couple Kennedy Sartwell and Jake Terry held a professional photo shoot to reveal they're having a girl…puppy.

The photo shoot starts promisingly enough, with a box sporting a love heart sign that says "It's a …". The box is then opened to reveal a bunch of pink balloons.

And here we see the twist. The next image is of Jake holding a small black puppy, and Kennedy holding a bone-shaped sign that says, "Raven Michele, adopted 4.18.17".

The photos were posted on Facebook, with a mix of reactions. Some complained that such a photo shoot could be hurtful to those who have lost children or have suffered infertility problems, while others said it was a beautiful and innocent celebration of a new family addition.

The post has been shared 159,000 times.

Cristy Sartwell, Kennedy's mother, and the professional photographer on the shoot, said "It was a quick shoot for Jake and Kennedy to show their puppy to their family and friends, and we had no intention of this. But it's exciting."