Domino's launches baby registry for pizza-loving parents

Photo: Sprinkles And Jam/Domino's
Photo: Sprinkles And Jam/Domino's 

In an increasingly competitive world, where newborn baby gifts blend into one another and people buy things you don't need, like or want, why not go for the Domino's Baby Registry?

Yes, a pizza-themed one-stop-shop for the most critical concerns during and after making a human and really, it's a totally brilliant idea.

Gift-giving friends and family can buy new parents food packages without having to make it themselves. That's all win-win, right?

They're even clever with the names. There's a pack called 'Hormonal and Hangry,' another called 'Date Night - #TBT to when it was a twosome.'

Also available are pizza-themed baby clothing such as onesies, pants and even a pizza bow tie.

Photo: Domino's Baby Registry

If you were going to make a silly and cute baby registry full of brilliant things people didn't even know they wanted, then this just has to be it. It operates just like any other online registry and the gifts arrive as e-gifts once parents have selected their most wanted pizza presents.

The registry launched on November 29 and of course *sigh* it's US-only but why not steal the idea and create a pizza gift for the new parents in your life?

Too easy - a Domino's Instagift will set them up for a few meals and this adorable pizza onesie will take care of baby.

We do love a wacky idea and this really takes the cake... or pizza. And now we're done, here, all we want is pizza.