Baby showers the second time around: okay or not?

Love or loathe them, it seems throwing a baby shower for your second pregnancy is right on trend, with Kim Kardashian throwing the most awesome of baby showers for her second pregnancy before the birth of son North. 

Images of the Troop Beverly Hills-themed baby shower flooded the internet with Kim and her friends all glammed up in their matching troop pyjamas, indoor girl scout tents and even the famous Girl Scout cookies.

But did Kim really need a baby shower for her second baby? Surely she would have everything she could possibly need for baby number two, some people said, so why the baby shower?

 Photo: Getty Images

I had a baby shower for my second pregnancy. Yes, my boys were only two years' apart. Yes, I had everything I could possibly need from the first baby. But I wanted to celebrate the impending arrival of my second son with as much excitement and love as I did my first.

I always knew that I would do my best to raise my boys in a family where what was done for one would always be done for the other, and that would start with their baby showers. My closest family and friends had a perfect little 'baby sprinkle' for my second son. Sure there were presents, but there was also lots of good food, champagne and memories made. I think everyone had a great time and if they didn't at least no one told me.

Celebrating the impending arrival of a new baby is a tradition dating back throughout history, however the modern baby shower of well-planned themed events, with presents and games is only something that started after WWII. As for baby showers for baby number two – they seem to be something that has started only in very recent times.

But camps seem to be divided when it comes to second baby showers. Expecting her second child soon, mum Jo doesn't loathe a second baby shower but she also does not think they are necessary. "I have pretty much everything I need from my first child and this time around I have been given lots of secondhand stuff from friends too," she says. "But it's not just that, I hate the silly games and all the baby talk, and I certainly don't want to spend a fortune hosting another baby shower. Even at the risk of sounding like the baby shower scrooge!"

Mum Lisa thinks sits firmly in camp anti-second baby shower. "I had two boys 18 months apart. There was literally nothing I needed. A second baby shower is just a present grab. My sister was due with her first the same time I was due with my second so I threw her a shower instead."

Some mums are against baby showers altogether. Whether the shower is for a first baby or second, they seem to detest the idea of getting together and hosting a shower for the mum-to-be.


Mum to two boys, Marla thinks that celebrating before baby is born is doing things the wrong way around. "Don't celebrate before baby comes, but celebrate when you hold the baby in your hands. There is plenty of time to celebrate after the birth and it is more special with baby there."

I'm not convinced. Perhaps we all don't need to recreate an iconic '80s movie in honour of our second pregnancy like Kim and her friends. But I like the idea of celebrating the impending arrival of any baby, whether it be one, two, three or even four.

Mum Maria whole heartedly agrees. "If we celebrate the excitement of the arrival of baby number one, why not baby two and three? Baby two and three deserve new and cute things too. We give gifts when baby is born so why not be organised and celebrate when mum is not a zombie from lack of sleep. I love any reason to shop and to party. Bring on more babies and parties."

So tell me: baby showers for a second pregnancy – do you love or loathe them?

Josefa Pete is a writer and mother to two boys. You can follow her on Facebook or read her blog.