Baby shower games

Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Game 

For new ideas on baby shower games, try adapting the games that you and your family and friends love. And if you have elderly family relatives attending, including some familiar family games might make the event more enjoyable all around.

Planning baby shower games
Unless it's a surprise baby shower, it's thoughtful to run any games past the guest of honour - the mother-to-be.

Some pregnant women do not like the idea of anyone touching their stomachs for example - and any games where their bellies are touched will have them feeling uncomfortable. Likewise, if a pregnant woman is feeling sensitive about comments that her belly is 'too small' or 'too large', she may be upset at games where the size of her belly is guessed.

Games where the sex of the baby is guessed can potentially cause upset - such as in cases where the parents-to-be already know the sex of the baby and are experiencing 'gender-disappointment' (disappointment at not having the gender of their choice.)

Prizes for games
Have fun with the prizes! Jars of jellybabies and jellybeans are lovely - dress them up with ribbons. Small Cupie dolls make cute prizes - affix them on a chopstick or candycane, and decorate the doll with glitter. For elegant prizes, wrap tiny boxes of chocolates, scented soaps or bubble bath up in organza.

An unusual but great idea for prizes is to give away packets of seeds - shrubs, trees, vegetables, fruit. Seeds are a symbol of new life - perfect for a baby shower.

A nice touch is to send guests home with a small gift bag - which could be a small organza bag with some special sweets inside.


Baby Charades
What you need: A good sense of humour!

How to play: Each person takes turns to stand up and use gestures (no words) to express the title of a movie, book, or TV show. The title must include either a 'baby' term or be about babies!

Favourite children's book
What you need: Much-loved children's books

How to play: Everyone brings his or her favourite childhood book. Each person reads a sentence from their book - and keeps reading until someone guesses the name of the book. A twist on this to ask that the books are new - with the books going to start a bookcase for the new baby.

Baby Bingo
What you need: Toy bingo machine, bingo cards, textas

How to play: Bingo is a game that everyone from nanna down to school-aged children can play. Use a toy bingo machine to call the numbers, and hand out bingo cards to all the guests.

Be inventive when calling the numbers:
Example: "Number One, Mum's on the Run", "Number Two, Baby Blue",  "Number Three, Baby Screams", "Number Four, Who's at the Door?", "Number Five, Do the bath-time jive", "Number Six, Baby Kicks",  " Number Seven, "More maternity leave please Kevin!",  "Number Eight, Running Late" Number Nine, Nappy Time", "Number Ten, Do it all again".

Celebrity Baby Face
What you need: Headbands, cardboard & textas to make the 'baby faces', pictures of celebrities' babies & children cut from magazines, baby rattles (or make your own with small plastic bottles and rice), large lollypops for prizes.

How to play: Everyone playing gets a 'baby face' (firm headband with a large cardboard baby face attached) with the baby face sitting above the player's head.)
Everyone gets a baby rattle.
A photo of the baby or child of a celebrity is held up.
The first person to shake their rattle gets to say who the parents of the child are.
If they're right, they get a large lollypop.

Baby Scrabble
What you need: Scrabble board

How to play: Love Scrabble? For a small gathering, scrabble can work well. Organise everyone into four teams. Every word used has to be related to babies!

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