Baby shower food ideas

Are you hosting a baby shower for yourself, a good friend or sister? We've scoured the web to find some lovely and interesting ideas to style the food and beverages for a beautiful and fun way to help set the scene for the mum-to-be.

Try some ideas like ... 

* serve yoghurt + muesli + fruit in recycled baby jar for a lovely brunch snack

* jam and cream scones - a classic high tea inclusion

* a tiered tower of cupcakes

* cut finger sandwiches 

* use a toy baby bottle as a salad dressing dispenser

Alice in Wonderland-themed mason jar drinks labelled "Drink Me" 


* baby pram out of boiled eggs and carrots

* adorable bear-shaped macarons 

* create a delightful high tea tiered serving platter by upturning tea cups under plates of different sizes

* animal crackers served with a fun dip of cream and sprinkles

* fold a fabric napkin into a nappy shape as a cup/holder for snacks 

* DIY parfait bar: yoghurt, fruit and toppings ... and brunch is served

* serve popcorn in bags labelled 'Ready to Pop'

* give a take-home jar of a chocolate chip cookie mixture as gifts

* instead of "pigs-in-blankets", try "babes-in-blankets"

* get a melon baller and your sharpest knife out to carve an edible watermelon baby carriage centerpiece 

Don't forget to check out Pinterest for some amazing and crazy ideas. 

Have you been to a baby shower recently? What food ideas had you going "WOW"? Share in the comments below.