A guide to baby shower invitations

Organising a shower?
Organising a shower? 

As the birth rate in Australia increases every year, baby showers are becoming as common as kitchen teas. Here are a few things you might want to consider when putting together the invitations. 

The invitations can match the theme or be based around the interests of the pregnant mama, a colour or the sex of the baby. Once this has been decided there are a number of places you can source materials for invitations to make them yourself or have them professionally assembled:


Or personalise with your own photos and messages at Smilebox.com.

Designs with storks, alphabet blocks, baby bottles, alphabet blocks, baby shoes, baby handprints and even ultrasound pictures are some common choices, and can be embellished with ribbon, lace, diamantes or paper bows.

A baby shower invitation normally includes the following information:

  • The guest of honour and hostess’s names (and the relationship between the host and the soon-to-be mum-the host is usually a family member such as a sister, or a close friend)
  • The location, date and time
  • The RSVP date
  • A contact phone or email address for RSVP’s and any questions guests may have
  • The theme of the party
  • Gift ideas or the place where the gift registry is
  • Dress type (formal, casual, etc)
  • Directions on how to get to the location
  • Whether it is an adults-only event, or if people are welcome to bring their kids
  • A fun poem that could be about the mum-to-be, the shower theme, the events that will take place at the shower (such as games that will be played) or the sex of the baby. There are many poems that can be found online.

With baby shower gifts, most guests appreciate being told what the mum-to-be would like, but some may have their own ideas about what to bring. It is always best to word the baby shower invitation in a way that does not obligate the guest to bring a gift, such as “If you wish to purchase a gift there is a registry at...” or “Gifts are not expected but are always accepted with gratitude”.

A baby shower invitation could look something like this:
Amy Brown is having a baby boy
She wants you to come and share in her joy
At a high tea baby shower with fun and games
And sandwiches, cupcakes and champagne!
22nd May @ 2:00 pm
32 Kent St
Sydney NSW 2000
R.S.V.P. to Alison Gray on 0411 233 5678 by 12th May
If you wish to purchase a gift, Amy is registered at Babies Galore

Sending out baby shower invitations a month in advance is the best way to ensure guests are available to attend and most baby showers are scheduled within the third trimester, but early enough so that the expectant mummy is unlikely to go into labour.