20 clever baby shower gifts

Cute and fun gift ideas for baby showers.
Cute and fun gift ideas for baby showers. 

Trust us, your friend isn't just expecting a baby ... she's also expecting awesome gifts.

You want to really wow your friend at their baby shower with a thoughtful, unexpected gift. So just your run of the mill baby clothes - or worse, a gag gift - just isn't going to cut it.

Luckily for you, and for the mum- and dad-to-be, there's a treasure trove of gift ideas out there to help usher them forth on the adventure of parenthood.

Not only will Mum and Dad be happy, their new bundle of joy will be happy too.

1. "Made with Love" Onesie

Nerdy parents will love this adorable onesie - even though it doesn't really help when the kid finally asks "where do babies come from?".

2. "There's a Nap For That" Onesie


Techie parents can't resist a good Apple pun, especially when it comes in the form of a onesie.

3. Sriracha Onesie

It's the perfect gift for new mums and dads who love their little tike as much as they love their spicy condiments.

4. Copy & Paste Onesie Set

This cute and clever set is the best way to dress up twins without making them dress exactly the same.

5. SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier

Now your new-parent friends don't need to compromise between getting errands done and giving their little darling a piggie back ride.

6. Mozart Magical Cube

This musical toy teaches your friend's little prodigy spacial-temporal reasoning, fortifying their brain for future development.

7. Cool Pop Baby Teether

This freezer-safe teething ring is a cool way to keep the little one comfortable while their teeth start to grow.

8. Crawlings Knee Pads

Tiny tots can explore the world all they like without the danger of scraping their knees.

9. Baby Bathing Cap

Mum and dad can keep their baby squeaky clean and tear free with this soft cap that whisks away water from their eyes.

10. Sushi Baby Swaddling Cloth

Your friend's new baby needs a lot of warmth when they first arrive. Wrapped up in this swaddling cloth, they'll be so cute you could just eat them up.

11. MamaRoo Bouncer

This helpful tool is a great way to give new mums and dads a little break from bouncing their new baby on their knee.

12. Mustache Pacifier

Okay, we're verging into novelty gift territory here, but look how cute that little mo is!

13. Sleepy Hat

Make sure your expecting friend and their baby gets a restful night's sleep with a comfortable, light-blocking cap.

14. Juice Box Hero

Help the new parents keep their house spill-free with these clever juice box holders, suitable for the toddler years and up.

15. Baby Food Freezer Tray

Mums and dads will love you for this helpful and convenient kitchen tool.

16. Mixable Baby Bottle

If the new parents in your life are always on the go, give them a gift that will help them keep their baby as happy and healthy as they are.

17. Construction Plate and Utensils

Parents and babies alike will love building mounds of delicious food at dinnertime.

18. Mr Food Face Plate

Let the new bundle of joy express their artistic side with this "Wooly Willy" inspired plate set.

19. Blank Canvas Bib

New mums and dads sometimes can't avoid a messy mealtime, but at least they can try to appreciate their baby's artistic vision in their strained peas.

20. Silicone Catch-All Bib

Babies are cute, but they have terrible aim. While their little hands are still trying to figure out where their mouth is, help out their mum and dad with a little mess-free solution.

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