Are these surprising baby names set to dominate 2020?

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Carving out a unique identity in a saturated world increasingly begins at birth, with parents looking to distinctive selections to set their children apart from the pack.

While baby name data shows people still love their traditional monikers, there has been a significant shift towards parents using a greater variety of names than ever before.

Nameberry is an authority on the names parents are using and each year they collect data on the names most searched on the site.

While the yearly list is not necessarily an indicator of the actual names going on birth certificates, it's seen as a birds eye view of shifting name trends.

The names people are looking at for 2020 babes are quite surprising on a few levels.

Pamela Redmond, co-founder of Nameberry writes that the names "... include newly-minted names, rediscovered antiques, plus names imported from around the world," and that many are influenced by celebrity and world events.

Girls 2020 top 10

1. Adah

2. Reese

3. Mika


4. Paisley

5. Amina

6. Teagan

7. Nova

8. Aura

9. Pearl

10. Billie

Boys 2020 top 10

1. Austin

2. Alva

3. Acacius

4. Tate

5. Diego

6. Easton

7. Lucius

8. Cash

9. Ash

10. Luca

​The letter A is king (and queen)

There is no hotter letter than the letter A for both sexes.

Whether it's a race-to-the-top mentality to always come first in everything - including the alphabet - we're not entirely sure, but one thing is for sure that this A-grade letter reigns supreme.

Three names in the girls top ten and four names in the boys top four start with A.

Beyond the top 10, A names far outnumbered monikers starting with other letters in the fastest rising names searched for on Nameberry.

Redmond predicts we'll see these names rising quickly up the charts in 2020, if they haven't already.

Girls - Adelaide, Allegra, Amaya, Anastasia, Andromeda, Anya, Ariel, Artemis, Astra, Aurelia, Avalon, Ayla

Boys - Alfie, Alistair, Amias, Ansel, Apollo, Archer, Archie, Arlo, Arthur, Atlas, August

Top 10 unisex names

Many parents are looking for gender-neutral names. Here are the hottest ones for 2020.

1. Ellis

2. Phoenix

3. Remi /Remy

4. Marlowe

5. Shea

6. Zephyr

7. Darcy

8. Rowan

9. Quinn

10. Emerson