Absurd baby names you never knew existed: brace yourselves

Unique names are great, but can it get out of hand?
Unique names are great, but can it get out of hand? Photo: Getty Images

Choosing a baby name is a tough decision. Do you go for a classic name that's been popular for years, or opt for something uncommon and perhaps a touch more modern?

Unique names are lovely, and many parents are choosing to bypass the top 100 names in favour of one their child won't be sharing with anyone else. 

The inspiration may come from favourite TV shows or literature, and sometimes even pets or ex-partners.

However, have you ever heard a baby's name that's really made you wonder… 'Why?'

Reddit users have shared the more absurd baby names they've come across, and there are some absolute doozies! 


"Once knew a woman who was utterly obsessed with Kylie Minogue. When she got pregnant there was only one name for her child. Big day arrived, and she gave birth to a beautiful boy. We all thought that was the end of Kylie, but no. She named him Kai-Lee."


"One kindergarten teacher had an interesting mix of names one year, most notably: September, Florida, and Skype. SKYPE. someone named their kid Skype."


"Pronounced Lincoln"



"Had a student (male) named 'Baby'. I checked with the registrar. His legal name was 'Baby'"


"When I was growing up, my dad worked with a guy named Jack who named four of his five children after himself. Jacqueline, Jack Jr, Jackson, Jackie and the last dude was either named Jay or James. I've always wondered if the 5th son ever felt singled out, or relieved."


"My mother taught kindergarten. In 2005, she had FIVE kids in her class named Millennium."

Moon Shadow

"At the time he would have been early 30s (this was a few years ago). He was picking something up under his name, I asked what the name was and he told me, and I said, "SERIOUSLY?" Couldn't hold it back. He had this defeated look on his face and said, "Yeah, seriously." Apparently he went by Moon."

Y'Majesty and Y'Highness

"I knew twins in elementary named Y'Majesty and Y'Highness. They were quite rude for such sh---y names."


"My little brother had a classmate named Wild, and while it is a bad name, it cracks me up to think someone really carried a baby for nine months only for him to pop out & the first thing they think to name the baby is 'Wild?"

However, one Redditor took the opportunity to warn parents about naming thier child something a bit too adventurous.

"I have a rare name. Rare enough if you put it in Facebook only two people come up me and another person," they wrote.

"I have wasted so much of my life correcting the spelling or spelling my name out. Please people do not saddle your children with this burden."