19 things you might not have thought to bring to the hospital (but should)


If you're expecting a child anytime soon, chances are you've got your bag packed with the essentials: toothbrush, pillow, loose clothing, outfit for baby to wear home, etc.

However, the list need not to stop there — giving birth to a child is one of the most monumental moments in our lives, so feel free to bring what you need to make yourself comfortable during your hospital stay (as much as that is possible, at least).

To get you started, here are a few of some lesser-thought-of items you might also want to think about stashing in your hospital bag so that you're ready for when those exciting first signs of labour start to come.

1. Facial wipes

Something about being in a hospital makes we want to wash my face a lot, but something about having just pushed out a baby makes me not want to stand up to do it. Those handy facial cleansing cloths will be your friend when you want to clean up but don't actually want to get up to do it.

2. Dry shampoo

Ladies, if this stuff is not in your arsenal by now, then you seriously need to consider adding it postbaby (you know, when showering becomes less frequent), but definitely bring some to the hospital so you can freshen up your hair without actually washing it.

3. A towel

Hospital towels are just as you would imagine them: small and scratchy. Bringing your own bath towel will help make sure your first postbirth shower is a bit more comfortable.

4. A pair of thongs

Everyone talks about bringing slippers, but I am so happy I brought my thongs. They're easy to slip on and also can be used in the shower (if that sort of thing eeks you out)

5. A good hair dryer

Many hospitals do supply a hair dryer, but those dinky lil things do nothing to my unruly locks. I need something with a little more power.

6. Toilet paper

This one might be a bit extreme for some of you, but hospitals are not known for their toilet paper choices and because your lady parts might be a bit on the sensitive side, there is no harm in bringing your own roll.


7. A phone charger

Seriously, don't forget to pack your phone charger!

8. An extension cord

One of the most annoying things for me the last time I was in the hospital was that when my phone was charging, it could not reach my bed. Bring a small extension cord and you'll avoid the annoyance.

9. Granny panties

The hospital will most likely supply you with a few lovely pairs of mesh underwear to hold your crazy large postbirth pads in place, but they always bothered me. Pick up and tote along a pair of oversize underwear, because you might actually prefer them!

10. Adult nappies

Yup, adult nappies. Hear me out here. The mesh undies and giant pad combo basically make up an adult diaper anyway — except that they don't stay together as well (and it's pretty annoying). So, you might as well make it a package deal with a few pairs of Depends to get you through those first few (ahem, messy) days.

11. Lip balm

Hospitals suck all the moisture out of your lips immediately upon admission — and especially if you're going to be using any kind of Lamaze techniques.

12. Ear plugs or an eye mask

I have the hardest time sleeping in hospitals due to all the extra noises and lights outside of the room. A pair of ear plugs [1] or an eye mask could help ensure you get as much sleep as you can in between waking with your new baby.

13. Extra cash/change

Chances are that you or your partner is going to want a snack and the cafeteria will be closed (or you'd rather skip the hospital food altogether). And hitting up the vending machine is only an option if you have some cash/change off hand.

14. Local takeaway menus

Do your homework before it's go time and find a few places nearby that deliver to the hospital. If you can't stomach the provided food, having a menu or two will be your saving grace.

15. Baby socks

My experience is that hospitals always provide baby socks, but that they never stayed on my little one's feet. Also, you can always use an extra pair of baby socks as mittens if your babe is scratching himself with his nails.

16. Baby book

If you don't bring your baby book, you'll still get those adorable first hand and footprints. If you do bring your book the nurses will usually happily do the prints in your provided book as well.

17. Baby clothes in a few sizes

No one knows exactly what your baby is going weigh in at, so do yourself a favor and bring a few outfits in a few sizes. If you only bring newborn clothes and your baby ends up pushing 10 pounds, the sweet onesie you had planned may not fit.

18. A bag

You will leave the hospital with more stuff than you came with, that is guaranteed. Bring an extra bag for all the random stuff and goodies you acquire along your journey at the hospital. Your partner, or whomever is in charge for packing you all up to go home, will thank me for this one.

19. A 'Do Not Disturb' sign

Someone recently mentioned to me that they made their own "Do Not Disturb" sign à la Pinterest for their hospital door and I can't believe I didn't think of this! What a great idea! I'm not sure how much the hospital staff will actually follow a sign like this, but it's certainly worth a shot if everything is going smoothly postpartum.

This article was first published on PopSugar.