11 ways to theme baby names: from the obvious to the subtle


Within our lifetimes, it has been largely considered twee to theme sibling names. All that has changed dramatically in recent years, with the Kardashian clan propelling family name themes into the spotlight.

Now, people have always done it, regardless of baby name trends, but in the last half of last century theming sibling names was seen as a bit downmarket.

Now theming has a fresh new vibe. People are both embracing obvious themes such as alliteration, or finding clever ways to theme their children's names without it being obvious to others.

We've made a list of some of the ways you can theme sibling names. From ABC, to saints and nature names, you might discover a theme that takes your fancy. Maybe you already have a child with a name that could start a theme? It's worth considering other names in that category.

While we've given at least one example for each category, for some we've given examples of obvious and less obvious examples, giving you some inspiration to start your hunt for the next baby name.

Of course this list is far from exhaustive. Can you come up with more themes?


Ava, Billie and Carter


Ryan, Rachel and Rhys

Alice, Ari and Antonia


A letter from each parent

Parents are Xavier and Samantha.

Children are Xanthe and Sterling.

Colour names

Jade, Scarlett, Grey, Indigo, Violet, Olive, Ebony, Sienna.

Same initials (first, middle and last)

Sasha Albert Smith, Seraphine Audrey Smith and Sabrina Alexis Smith (SAS)

Nature names

Obvious nature theming: Ruby, Jasper and Pearl

Less obvious: Rowan, Lily and Savannah

Occupational names

Obvious: Hunter, Cooper and Archer

Less obvious: Harper, Mason and Travis

Saint names

Edward, Sebastian and Patrick - Christian

Alexios, Theodora and Sergios - Greek


Isaac, Noah and Tabitha

Levi, Claudia and Miriam

Number of syllables

Lucinda, Sophia and Madeline

Oliver, Dominic and Theodore

Historical or literary figures

Lawson (Henry), Jules (Verne) and Huxley (Aldous)

Albert (Einstein), Ada (Lovelace) and Louis (Pasteur)

Rock stars

Axl (Rose), Jarvis (Cocker) and Hendrix (Jimi)

Brody (Dalle), Adalita (Magic Dirt) and Darcy (Smashing Pumpkins)