New cookbook celebrates pregnancy cravings in a hilarious way

 Photo: Pickles and Ice Cream

I never craved anything during my pregnancies except Frosty Fruits ice blocks and fruitcake. And I didn't even want them together. So dull.

But many women experience bizarre cravings, including combos of food – and sometimes non-food items – that would leave others reaching for a bucket.

Two women who work in advertising thought it would be interesting and fun to bring weird pregnancy cravings to life by preparing them, photographing them, eating them and critiquing them for a new cookbook Pickles and Ice Cream.

Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues came up with the project after reading research on pregnancy cravings, and learning about some of the more unusual cravings real pregnant women have had.

Vicky told Popsugar, "We really enjoyed recreating the recipes and imagining what they would taste like before we tried them. There was also a bit of schadenfreude watching the other person try the dishes too – we laughed quite a lot."

The book is not only beautifully photographed, but it's also hilarious – and sure to become an instant gift favourite for expectant mums.

The book is due for release in July, but you can get a taster (see what I did there?) right here.

Toothpaste Oreos (4 stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: Chocolate and mint go really well together. Even when they taste remarkably like Oreos with toothpaste.

Bacon Mars burger (4 stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: It's pretty crazy, but the good kind. Not the one that runs after teenagers in a mask with a chainsaw.

Choc-olive cake (1 & ½ stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: the perfect birthday cake for your enemies.

Burnt matches (1 star)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: The head tastes like garlicky egg and the rest tastes like nothing. All in all, the experience wasn't terrible. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for our breath afterwards.

Buttered watermelon (2 stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: The butter takes the delicate freshness of the watermelon to new heights…and then pushes it off them, completely annihilating any trace of it.

Popcorn on a bed of sauerkraut (1 & ½ stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: It's not any worse than sauerkraut by itself.

Medley of soaps (0 stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: This dish can't be graded on our star rating because if we gave it half a star, every other dish would be 5 stars. Do not try this.


Ignoring this warning isn't like ignoring the expiry date on a yoghurt. It's like ignoring the warning of that wise old person in a horror movie who tells the group of teenagers, "Leave this place while you still can."

Sausage and jam  (1 & ½ stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: We had high hopes for this one. So you could say, this is what disappointment tastes like.

Orange sushi with tomato sauce glaze (1 & ½ stars)

Pickles & Icecream

Review: The true evil in this dish is that it catches you unawares. Who doesn't like oranges? Who doesn't like tomato sauce? What harm could there be in putting them together? Why have I suddenly lost the will to live?