Can toothpaste really tell you if you're pregnant?

 Photo: Getty Images

The latest in bizarre ways to tell if you're pregnant comes straight to you from your bathroom.

Sure, you can buy a pregnancy test for not very much from your local supermarket, but why bother when you can do the toothpaste pregnancy test right now without leaving home?

All you need to do is mix a small amount of your urine with some toothpaste in a bowl. If you're pregnant, say fans of the test, the toothpaste will change colour and maybe froth. If you're not pregnant, the toothpaste will stay the same.

If you think it sounds slightly nuts, you wouldn't be the first, but there is a growing number of women using the toothpaste method to test whether they're pregnant, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will take you through the process.

Pharmacist Stuart Gale told Huffington Post the test shouldn't be taken seriously. "This is a bit of fun for anyone who thinks they might be pregnant," he said. "The fizz in the toothpaste is caused by the acid in the urine reacting with the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste to give off carbon dioxide.

"The more acidic the urine is, the greater the fizz," he continued. "Whether or not a person is or isn't pregnant wouldn't make any difference."

Gale says if you really want to know whether you're pregnant, a proper home pregnancy test is 99 per cent accurate, and is a much better way to go.

"Even if the toothpaste test does appear to be positive I would strongly recommend that any possible mum-to-be gets official confirmation of the fact that they are indeed pregnant with a proper pregnancy test," he said.

So while the toothpaste test might be a bit of fun, we'll be sticking to the regular kind for now.