Specialised pregnancy support groups

Join an Essential Baby pregnancy support group or 'due-in' group.
Join an Essential Baby pregnancy support group or 'due-in' group. 

Although it is an exciting time, pregnancy isn’t smooth sailing for a lot of Mums and Mums-to-be. If you are experiencing problems such as gestational diabetes, Crohn’s, pre-eclampsia or if you are worried about high-risk nuchal translucency results, rest assured you can find support on Essential Baby.

Our support groups are referred to as BGs (buddy groups) and have been set up to provide support to mothers whose pregnancies pose a high risk to their personal health whether it be due to a condition the mother is suffering including a chronic illness.

Sign up to EB, jump in and introduce yourself. It can be a little daunting at first, but you’ll be rewarded quickly with friendship and support!

High Risk Pregnancy Support Group
If you have a high risk pregnancy which is likely to result in a premature delivery of your baby (less than 37 weeks) join our High Risk Pregnancy BG which can be found in our Babies Born Early (BBE) forum. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge and support, and the members of the BBE forum will be able to assist with all the questions associated in raising a baby, and child, who was born early. Find the support group at the top of this forum.

Support Group for High Risk NT Results
This group has been set up to support who have had initial high risk Nuchal translucency results (generally considered to be a result of less than 1 in 300) and are deciding whether to undergo further testing or not.  It is intended to offer support through a very difficult time, without judgement.

If further testing confirms a problem with your baby, there are buddy groups where you can find support from those in similar situations.

Support Group for High Risk NT Results with No Further Invasive Testing
This group has been set up to support for those who have had initial high risk NT results and have decided to undergo no further invasive testing. It is intended to offer support through a very difficult time, without judgement.

Pregnancy after initial high risk NT results BG
This buddy group is a follow on from the Support Group for High Risk NT Results and is here for those who have been through the roller coaster ride of emotions that comes with an initial high risk NT result.  It is for those who have been through the extended tests (CVS/aminos etc) to find that their baby is non DS/trisomy or similar.

Miscarriage, Stillbirth & the Loss of a Child forums
Within this forum, you can find the Antenatally Diagnosed Foetal Problems Support Group and Termination due to Foetal Abnormality.

Gestational Diabetes
This group is for those who are dealing with Gestational Diabetes. Anyone dealing with GD is welcome to join, regardless of the severity.

Crohn's & Colitis in pregnancy
For those who live with Crohn's or Colitis. Anyone dealing with Crohn's or colitis is welcome to join, regardless of the severity of your condition.

Trying-to-conceive (TTC) or Pregnant Hyperemesis Gravidarum sufferers and survivors
This group is for those who suffer from or have survived Hyperemesis Gravidarum, please be fully aware that HG is not "bad morning sickness" and therefore be sensitive that this group is for those diagnosed with this condition.

Expecting Multiples
Are you expecting multiples! Be they natural conception or via IVF or similar, join our Expecting Multiples where you can get all your questions answered! There is also a Multiples Forum here on EB, which you can find here..

Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
SPD can be a debilitating painful part of some pregnancies and can (and often does) cause much hardship for those who suffer from it. This is a support group for those who are coping with SPD, anyone is welcome to join.

Antenatally Diagnosed Foetal Problems support group
Hearing your perfect baby has a problem is an incredibly stressful time, and there is no "right" way to react. If during your pregnancy your baby is diagnosed with a problem, you can join this group to ask questions and get help.  It is for parents coming to terms with difficult news - to give them a safe space to vent or to consider their options without judgement.

It is a place to share information on how to continue a pregnancy or whether to interrupt the pregnancy, when you know your baby may or will have health problems after birth. This may be a chromosome problem, something wrong with the brain, heart, or kidneys, a cleft palate, or something else - everyone is welcome.

Due to the incredibly sensitive nature of this Support Group, it is asked that members take the time to consider how their posts may affect others within this group and forum, prior to posting.

Pre-Eclampsia Support
Pre-eclampsia (PE) can cause many varied problems within pregnancy. There are many levels of PE, ranging in the very mild which will be managed by your GP/OB/MW with no intervention needed to very severe (which in many cases results in pre-term delivery of the baby). Seek support for PE in this buddy group.

Expecting After Stillbirth or Neonatal loss
Regardless of your due date, this support group is for any woman who is expecting after a prior stillbirth or neonatal loss.

Placenta Previa
This group is available to anyone who has the Placenta Previa condition regardless of what grade they have.

Antenatal Depression in Pregnancy
As the name suggests this group is suitable to all women suffering from Antenatal Depression during their pregnancies.  Please note, that there is also a Depression and other mental health issues forum here on Essential Baby. Whilst Essential Baby aims to offer support and friendship we strongly encourage all members to seek professional advice.

Overweight Women Pregnancy Support Group
If you are pregnant and dealing with being overweight you might find this buddy group particularly helpful.

These are just a small selection of the hundreds of buddy groups we have on offer at Essential Baby. You can join an array of buddy groups from military families through to localised groups. You can also join a "due-in" group (DIG) with members also due at the same time. Head to the Essential Baby forums.