New dad slammed for wanting wife to lose baby weight 'like his sister had'

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One new dad clearly didn't get the memo that you shouldn't body shame anyone - let alone the woman who just gave birth to your baby. Why else would he think it was OK to consult his sister about helping his wife lose weight?

In a Reddit post asking whether or not he was an a**hole (spoiler alert: he was), the man explained his 21-year-old sister and 38-year-old wife gave birth around the same time and his sister already has her pre-baby figure back.

"My wife gave birth in late September and my sister gave birth on the second of October," he wrote explaining he and his wife recently saw his sister who was already wearing bikinis and "looking flawless".

"My wife has expressed envy at my sister when we'd go out in public and people would be vocal about how surprised they were that my sister was her son's mother and not a big sister in high school," he continued, adding his wife runs every morning and works out a lot but "the scale doesn't seem to budge".

Sadly, the woman feels like her husband doesn't find her attractive anymore and brought it up in therapy.

"She said she can feel me being so uninterested in her since our daughter was born and says she desperately tries to get facials and works out to try to keep my attention," the man wrote.

Rather than talking to his wife or supporting her, the man decided to instead ask his sister for advice about how she stays fit and suggestions about what his wife can do to look like her. Discovering that his sister basically only has fruit and vegetables in her fridge, the man decided his wife should eat the same.

He threw out all of the 'junk food' in the house without asking her.

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"So I offered got the groceries the other day with no junk food. However, a few hours later I come home from a run and I see the unhealthy crap my wife likes back in the pantry and fridge, some of the bread already eaten," he wrote. "So in an attempt to be a problem solver I tossed the new junk (including stuff for pasta, bread, ice cream) out."


Unsurprisingly, his wife wasn't happy with him for throwing out the food and even more furious with his response.

"I said that she wanted to look like my sister, so I was trying to help make that happen," the oblivious man said. "(I said) she didn't need any of the so called comfort food.

"She started screaming that ... she couldn't believe I was comparing her negatively to my sister. She said my sister was a stay at home mum with a husband who pays for her personal trainer and somebody to cook their food for them and started crying that she's 'lost me since our daughter arrived'.

"AITA for trying to solve my wife's body problem in a productive way?"

Reddit users agreed unanimously that he was way out of line, and had no right to treat his wife that way.  

"Here's your sisters secret...she 21! And your wife is almost 40," one person said incredulously. "I could eat 24/7 at 21 and not gain an ounce. God you're an AH."

"I also think it is messed up that you are trying to solve her 'body problem' when you are ignoring her emotional ones," wrote another. "She agonised and cried about losing you and you are like 'I'm just trying to solve her body problem.'"