Mum, 37, wears full denture after losing teeth due to rare pregnancy side-effect: 'I lost value in myself'

Photo TikTok @princxssglitterhead
Photo TikTok @princxssglitterhead 

A 36-year-old mum from the US has began wearing full dentures, after loosing most of her adult teeth while pregnant.

Alicia Hebner revealed she started loosing her teeth during her first pregnancy with her daughter, when she was 21-years old. 

The mum suffered from a rare side-effect during her pregnancy known as pregnancy gingivitis. The disease lead to extreme calcium loss, which caused her teeth to become brittle and eventually fall out. 

While the side-effect is uncommon, it can be brought on by a combination of poor diet and pre-existing dental problems - both of which Alicia had. 

Throughout each of her four pregnancies, Alicia's dental health deteriorated, and she continued to loose teeth as a result. 

She had her last seven teeth pulled two years ago, and began wearing full dentures after she admits, "I lost value in myself"

Unlike morning sickness and hair-loss, loosing teeth isn't a pregnancy side-effect we hear much about.

According to the Australia Dental Association, "gums and mouth are affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy."


"Though it is often temporary, as are many other oral health issues during pregnancy, pregnancy gingivitis can seriously weaken the tissues that hold teeth in place and you shouldn't ignore it." 

The ADA suggest that all women make regular appointments with their dentist in the lead-up to, during and following their pregnancy, to keep on top of their oral health.

"Generally if you've kept up a regular routine of brushing, flossing and dental visits before pregnancy, it shouldn't affect you."

After loosing all of her teeth, and as a result much of her confidence, Alicia now uses her dentures, makeup and a wig to transform her look each day. 

She shares her daily transformations with her 2.4 million followers on TikTok, where she calls herself the Toothless Princess. She says she wants to use the platform, to let other people know "there is life after dentures or any other life changing event". 

Thousands of people take to her videos to provide support and encouragement each day.

"You are a gem! Keep up the positive content", one user commented. 

Another said, "True beauty inside and out!"