Dad-to-be takes credit card from pregnant wife so she can't order 'forbidden' food items

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A dad-to-be is under fire for taking his pregnant wife's credit card away, because she can't stop ordering food items that are 'bad for their baby'.

Taking his issue to Reddit, the man explained that his wife is six months pregnant and the "cravings are hitting her hard".

"I sympathise with that," he wrote. "But unfortunately it seems like her cravings are all for things our doctor has specifically told us to avoid for the health of our baby."

"She just can't seem to control herself when the cravings hit. She ends up doordashing the forbidden items."

"It's not like she has done this once or twice either. In the last week she has ordered subway 4 times and sushi twice. This has been going on for months.

The upset man said he has tried to convince his wife to make these items at home with approved ingredients, but she says "they aren't the same".

"I've asked her to consider the health of our baby, and she says that her mental health is more important," he continued, saying this is a "ridiculous notion". 

"I am the main bread winner in the house, and decided to cut off her access to our cards for the time being. I think this might make me a bit of an AH because it makes me feel more like her parent than her partner.

He concluded: "I AM a soon to be parent. I need to protect my kiddo."


'Financial abuse'

Redditors were overwhelmingly outraged with the dad-to-be's behaviour, even though some agreed with his concerns, labelling him 'controlling'.

"Eating subway and sushi isn't going to harm the baby. Cutting off access to the credit cards because your wife isn't eating the way you want her to is financial abuse," said one. 

"Upsetting her, stressing her out is probably worse for your baby than sushi," commented another. 

"She's an autonomous adult. Not an incubator. The fact that it's "your kid" gives you absolutely no rights over her."

"He cut off her access to the credit card, effectively rendering her completely financially dependent on him. Regardless of your views on risk, how people can think that is an acceptable response to a fully autonomous adult is absolutely gobsmacking to me."

"I can completely understand your fear but I just wonder if you could step back and look at the bigger picture.Having a baby is tough (and utterly amazing) so it is better to try and remain as a team.... You will make mistakes as a parent too (everyone does) so maybe try and understand why she is craving this food and look at the risk as relative."

The man later updated his original post to explain that it "wasn​'t just Sushi and Subway" she has been eating on the forbidden list. 

"She is also eating a lot of under cooked meat and eggs, drinking energy drinks, had a few glasses of wine, etc."

He added: "Doctor has been informed of her diet choices. He sternly told her she needs to change that. She refuses to listen to him about this too."

What should pregnant women avoid?

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, pregnant women are at greater risk of food poisoning and should prepare and store food carefully. 

Pregnant women should also avoid:

• Foods which may contain listeria bacteria like soft cheeses (brie, camembert, ricotta, feta and blue cheese), sandwich meats, bean sprouts, pre-prepared salads and pâté.

• Raw eggs as they may contain salmonella.

• Alcohol – not drinking is the safest option.

• Fish that may contain high levels of mercury – Food Standards Australia New Zealand recommend consuming no more than one serve (100g cooked) per fortnight of shark/flake, marlin or broadbill/
swordfish, and no other fish that fortnight, or one serve (100g cooked) per week of orange roughy (deep sea perch) or catfish and no other fish that week.

• Foods such as nuts during pregnancy only if they are allergic to the foods themselves – avoiding these foods has no impact on the infant's risk of developing allergy symptoms.