One more thing to avoid while pregnant: listening to every piece of advice


Olivia Campbell Even if you want to, you can't - because so much of the advice is contradictory.

Women advised to stop drinking when they stop birth control

No amount of alcohol is safe to consume during pregnancy.

Elahe Izadi The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has released a report advising women to stop drinking alcohol as soon as they stop using birth control in a bid to prevent harm to unborn babies.

Why pregnant women should eat chocolate

Satisfy those cravings ... chocolate has found to be good for pregnant women.

LETITIA ROWLANDS In news that will make expectant mums jump for joy - and reach for a block of Cadbury - scientists have revealed chocolate could provide health benefits during pregnancy.

Pregnancy police

Pregnancy police: It's my choice to drink caffeine, not a barista's

Alexandra Smith dinkus

ALEXANDRA SMITH I had been looking forward to a coffee for hours. That was until the barista looked at my 27-week bump over his counter and shook his head.


A life undone by her mother's drinking

At 43, Karli remains childlike.

Alexandra Rockey Fleming "It was one of the worst days of my life, and at that moment I knew that I had to do what I could to prevent this from happening to another child."

Your guide to working while pregnant


Laura Walters Here are a few tips on how to get by as you keep your paid job while growing a human.

Why I lied about being pregnant

''Fib, fib, fib until the magical moment of the 12th week when it's generally deemed safe enough to tell the world.''

Sonia Harford Hiding your pregnancy can come with a cost.

Potatoes linked to higher risk of diabetes in pregnancy


Women who enjoy potatoes are at increased risk of suffering diabetes in pregnancy, research suggests.

Vaccinations to get in pregnancy (and which ones to avoid)


Kristine Macartney, Annette Regan, Helen Marshall While some vaccinations should be avoided in pregnancy, that shouldn't deter a mother from getting the ones she really needs to protect her and her baby.

The virus most expecting mums haven't heard of, but need to know about


Dr Wendy van Zuijlen Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus that is harmless for pregnant women, but is now the leading infectious cause of disability in newborns.

Australian scientists discover new treatment for pre-eclampsia

Bianca Rotar with her baby Lexi who was born prematurely at nearly 28 weeks.

JULIA MEDEW Australian scientists are confident they have discovered a treatment for pre-eclampsia, a condition that kills 60,000 pregnant women each year.

What pregnant women need to know about kick counting


CATHERINE RODIE Kick counting is one measure that pregnant women can take to reduce the risk of stillbirth.

What is gestational diabetes?


JO HARTLEY Around 5-10 per cent of women are affected by gestational diabetes.

After three months of cancer treatment, Olivia looks forward to being a mum

Olivia O'Leary with her baby Axel. Olivia was diagnosed with a rare cancer while pregnant with Axel.

RACHEL BROWNE Thirroul marketing executive Olivia O'Leary was looking forward to the birth of her first baby when she received some terrible news.

How to make decisions while pregnant - don't ask me

There's something about pregnancy which can hinder the decision making process.

JO HARTLEY  It's not just been the bigger things that have me frozen in indecision in pregnancy. It's the day-to-day things too.

Herbs for pregnant women and new mums

Herbal teas can help during pregnancy - but check which ones are safe.

Jane Wrigglesworth Double-blind studies have proved herbs really do help during pregnancy.

Claims a common antidepressant killed newborn

Sonja Jamsek?.

LIAM MANNIX A commonly-prescribed antidepressant may be implicated in the death of a day-old baby, a Victorian coroner has heard.

See this dance teacher's incredible hip hop dance moves at 7 months pregnant

Christina Litle is a viral sensation at 7 months pregnant and hip hop dancing.

Suzi Catchpole Having a 27 week baby bump can often signal the end of vigorous dancing for mums, at least for a while. It's no barrier for Californian dance teacher and photographer Christina Litle, however, who is dancing as enthusiastically as ever even at 7 months pregnant. 


10 mocktails for an alcohol free Christmas

There's no need to miss out on a tasty drink, just because you're pregnant.

CATHERINE RODIE Facing the holiday season with a bun in the oven can mean passing up some Christmas traditions. But whip up one of these delicious 'mocktails' and all you will be missing out on is a Christmas hangover.

How I survived breast cancer while pregnant

Women have a better chance of surviving breast cancer now than they did 20 years ago.

JULIA MEDEW It was last thing Rebecca O'Donnell expected at 30 weeks' pregnant. One morning, while putting on her bra, she felt a pea-sized lump in her right breast.

What are pregnant women Googling?


CATHERINE RODIE Pregnancy is a huge change for any woman, so it's natural we'll have questions - and turn to Google to ask them.

Pregnant woman refused seat on train

The Duchess of Cambridge was given a 'Baby on Board' badge when pregnant.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Anyone who has travelled by public transport when pregnant knows sometimes it is not the most pleasant of experiences.

Physios warn pregnant women not to crunch like Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges in the <i>New Idea</i> shoot.

CATHERINE RODIE Experts are urging pregnant women not to do exactly as Michelle Bridges does when exercising, or they risk developing rectus abdominus diastasis.

The hidden harm of foetal alcohol syndrome disorder

Anne Russell and her son Seth, who has been diagnosed with FASD.

Staff writers Experts believe many children diagnosed with ADHD might actually have FASD and that the number of people suffering from the condition across the country could be as high as 500,000.

Medications pregnant women should take, avoid, and think about


Treasure McGuire There are actually very few medications that must be absolutely avoided during pregnancy.

Women giving birth to a son keep some of his Y chromosomes

A pregnancy souvenir: some cells that are not your own.

Carl Zimmer It was an experiment doomed to failure - they were looking for male cells in female bodies. And their search was stunningly successful.

Pregnant students face social stigma, lack of support and career dilemmas

Kate Bullen, in her third year of an arts degree at Sydney University, with her nine-week-old baby Eleanor.

Sophie Gallagher It was the moment a moment Kate Bullen will never forget. The successful 22-year-old was kicking goals at university, had become a board director of her student union, and was busy planning her bright future. And then she found out she was pregnant.

When should I finish work before the baby comes?

Maternity leave with twins

Jule Scherer A couple of weeks ago Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced that she is expecting identical twin girls in December.

8 facts about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

baby scan

Caterina Giorgi and Sarah Ward How much do you know about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? Test your knowledge with these facts.


Pregnant travellers need to check insurance conditions

If you are travelling while you are pregnant, make sure you check your travel insurance cover.

JOHN COLLETT Expectant travellers risk having their travel insurance rendered worthless because of the tight restrictions on mothers-to-be.

Why you need to be careful after handling chilli


LETITIA ROWLANDS From leaving your car keys in the fridge to forgetting what you need as soon as you step into the supermarket, baby brain gets blamed for a host of mishaps when a woman is in the later stages of pregnancy.

Can you reverse a positive group strep B result without antibiotics?

strep b

Dr Erin Bowe Many expectant mums are routinely tested for group B strep (GBS) in the third trimester of pregnancy - but not all choose antibiotic treatment.

Mum's brave battle for unborn triplets amid cancer diagnosis

Bree and Brendan O

Cydonee Mardon Bree O'Malley has a cancer diagnosis, a rare blood condition, kidney and liver failure and other complications. And she is pregnant with triplets.

How your birth month affects your health

Researchers found that being born in June, August, January and December provided no big advantage or disadvantage when it came to disease.

Ana Swanson A new study suggests that the month you were born has a connection with the diseases you might develop in your lifetime.

How my pregnancy cured me


Heidi van Dort For a handful of women, pregnancy brings a cure for conditions they suffered long before they conceived.


Innovative surgery repairs mum's heart while pregnant

'She looks like a normal healthy young mum wishing she could get more sleep at night:' Katie Dickens and her baby today.

First time mum Katie Dickens faced more hurdles than most to bring her baby girl into the world.

How a mother's intuition saved her unborn baby's life

Beth Clemison and her partner Mike Bebb with their son Theo after his birth.

Staff writers Baby Theo is now a happy, healthy eight-month-old, but his mother will never forget how close she came to losing him.

The pregnancy itch that should never be ignored

Harlow Rose died at 33 weeks gestation as her mother had Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.

LETITIA ROWLANDS When Lisa McNally developed a terrible itch at 28 weeks pregnant, her doctor assured her was normal. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

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The fascinating world of twins

There's a lot to learn when you are pregnant with twins.

Jule Scherer In the first couple of weeks since we learned that we're having twins, I've become an "expert" (of the shallow Google kind) on the subject.

'I missed my baby's birth and was close to death'

In a coma to give birth: Michaela McNally with her daughter Maggie, 10 months.

Makira Hill Michaela McNally didn't just miss the birth of her baby girl, but also the precious first week of little Maggie's life.

Pregnant women urged to get flu shots


As the winter chill starts to arrive, NSW Health is urging pregnant women to get their flu shots.

How belly bands can help during pregnancy

Belly support bands can be helpful during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women swear by belly bands, but are they really useful and safe?

Essentials your child needs to grow


CATHERINE RODIE What does your baby need to grow up healthy? The experts give their advice.

How pregnancy probiotics can help you and your baby


CATHERINE RODIE New research suggests that taking specific pregnancy probiotics could be the answer to a range of common pregnancy side effects.

Pigmentation in pregnancy

Pigmentation is thought to affect up to three-quarters of pregnant women.

JO HARTLEY Women can experience many unexpected changes in pregnancy, including darker pigmentation known as "the mask of pregnancy".

Stillbirth, miscarriage and infertility is no April Fools' joke

laptop woman

Melanie Hearse Faux pregnancy announcements have long been a go-to April Fools joke. This year a meme popped up to deliver a lecture about the insensitivity of the prank - but opinion is divided on its validity.

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4D scans show how smoking affects babies still in the womb

A baby being affected by cigarette smoke (above) and a baby of a non-smoker (below).

Sarah Knapton The harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy on unborn babies may be seen in tiny movements in their faces using 4D ultrasound scans, research has found.

Super fit model Sarah Stage defends her pregnancy body

Sarah posing for modelling campaigns at 7 (left) and 8 months pregnant.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Model Sarah Stage has defended her pregnancy body after critics claimed her slim figure at eight-and-a-half months pregnant wasn't "normal".

Comments 3

Pregnancy and your blood type

Do you know what your blood type is?

Brooke Tasovac The blood type and Rh factor of a pregnant woman and the father of her baby has all kinds of implications for their unborn child.


Breakthrough genetic testing now available in Australia

Kelly Donnolley and son Jackson.

LETITIA ROWLANDS Pregnant women will for the first time have access to locally analysed, accurate, non-invasive pre-natal genetic testing when the first Australian clinic to offer the services opens its doors next week.


Sign up

Get involved - support a pregnant woman in your life, and raise money to help wipe out FASD in Australia.

Pregnant Pause challenges Aussies to support someone they care about through their pregnancy by taking a break from alcohol.

Pregnant Pausers will be sponsored by their friends, family and co-workers to raise much-needed money and awareness for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

FASD is the most common preventable cause of non-genetic, developmental disability in Australia, and it solely happens because of prenatal alcohol exposure.

Learn more at

Pregnancy after loss forum

Experiencing a loss is a very tough time, share your thoughts with other EB members who have also experienced loss. It may just help you in your grieving process.

Pregnancy after problems conceiving forum

Share your experiences with other EB members, get some thoughtful insights, tips and advice to help you deal with pregnancy after problems conceiving.


Weekly Guide to Pregnancy

A comprehensive, Australian week-by-week guide to your baby's development and the progress of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Guide app

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Wondersuit heaven: Bonds & Disney launch exclusive collection

Bonds and Disney fans with babies to buy for will be celebrating this news. Bonds and Disney have just released collaboration Wondersuits.

Town welcomes first baby in 28 years

Since the 1980s, the Italian town of Ostana had not seen the birth of a single baby.

Great-great-grandma delivers great grandchild in her own home

''I've delivered calves, lambs, dogs and cats, but nothing like this.'' This 'Super Gran' calmly peeled the amniotic sac over her great-grandson's head before discovering the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck ... twice.

How to start teaching your kids road safety

It's something that can be taught as early as possible and reinforced as they get older and more mobile - even from toddlerhood.

Just announced: Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ Collection update

Meet the brand new understated chic model from Bugaboo.

The emotional moment a mum hears her late son's heartbeat

It's been two and a half years since Heather Clark's seven-month-old son Lukas passed away.

Nine reasons why you have 'brain fog'

One minute your productivity is skyrocketing and the next you're sitting there trying to focus – just like that you draw blank, your brain, mush.

I had a caesarean and it was beautiful

Guess what? Despite not pushing him out, I cried, and my heart skipped, and I felt the rush of love and pride when I saw him for the first time.

Microcephaly still a mysterious condition around the world

For parents, having a child with microcephaly can mean a life of uncertainty.

7 baby firsts you won't see on milestone charts

Here are a few 'other' baby firsts you may not have been expecting, but you'll want to be ready for.

Why it's important to vaccinate on time

My son was born on the 1 July 2014. It's a fabulous birthday, don't you think? Not only does the first of July ring in a new financial year, but it also means we've hit the year's half way mark.

Naturopath treatment allegedly left baby "days from death"

A naturopath whose treatment of a baby boy allegedly led to the infant being severely ill has pleaded not guilty to charges against her. 

Andy Murray's emotional speech to pregnant wife after Australian Open

A teary-eyed Andy Murray promised pregnant wife Kim he'd be on the next plane home after his turbulent two weeks at the Australian Open came to an end.

This toddler and his duck BFF will melt your heart

A small boy in the US has struck up a quacking good friendship with an unlikely companion ... his pet duck. 

Great news for coffee drinkers - caffeine is good for your heart

Researchers have found that, contrary to prior belief, caffeine does not cause health-threatening heart palpitations.

I always wanted children - but I've found other ways to be maternal

I've always been one of the most maternal women I know.

When only one parent wants to know the gender

For some couples you either both want to know the gender of your unborn baby, or you don't. For others, it's not that simple.

'No jab no play' could hurt disadvantaged children, experts fear

Tough new "no jab no play" laws could hurt children who have not been immunised due to family dysfunction, poverty, or poor access to medical support, experts warn.

Zika virus: Airlines offer refunds to pregnant women

Airlines and cruise companies across the world are offering refunds or travel credits to pregnant women who are scheduled to visit countries struck by the devastating Zika virus.

#meditateonthis: Mums fight back against PND ignorance

Not all women will require medication, but many will. And there isn't and shouldn't be any shame in that.

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'The most hurtful argument in the marriage equality debate'

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong is used to to hearing arguments against same-sex marriage. But for Australia's most prominent gay politician, one hurts more than others.

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Some things in life are inherently served with a big scoop of fun: balloons, bubbles, cupcakes to name but a few, but exercise?

Hair dye gives woman second-degree burns

She wanted a fresh colour for 2016, but instead she got chemical burns.

Kelly Slater saves mum and toddler from 'freak wave'

A Perth family has thanked US surfing "legend" Kelly Slater after the star saved a mother and a young toddler from "a freak wave" in Hawaii.

Apple recalls millions of power adapters

Tech giant instigates massive international recall of power point adapters due to risk of electric shock.

Toddler's adorable alphabet goes viral

It's impossible not to share this little boy's excitement  about the alphabet.

Tot's nighttime waking saves family's life

Like all tired parents, Monique and Kyle Ruppel were looking forward to the day their 15-month-old daughter Celia would start sleeping through the night. 

Australian mum gives birth to quintuplets

An Australian mum who has shared the ups and downs of carrying quintuplets has welcomed her five babies into the world.

Dad of four girls faints at gender reveal for fifth baby

It was all too much excitement for this dad.

The simple way you can help your baby's language development

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