Video: A second a day for nine months

It doesn’t sound like much, but filming for just one second a day can lead to a pretty amazing result, as one new dad’s video shows.

Danny Pier, a developer from Colarado, made sure to capture at least a few seconds of everyday life for the duration of his wife’s pregnancy. He then edited one second a day into a heartwarming video titled '9 months in 5 minutes'.

The moments are snapshots of a perfectly normal life - the couple visit family and friends, they share moments at the dinner table, their dogs play in the yard – all as seasons pass and the mum-to-be grows … and grows. But the end result is something really quite special.

And will Pier be making a 'second-a-day' video of his daughter's life now she's here, like another dad did for his child's first year? Maybe, maybe not, according to his Twitter feed (see below).

Regardless, we love the results of this first video - and it will make a truly gorgeous keepsake for their baby when she grows up.

Watch the video above or on Vimeo.