This couple's guide on how to have sex during pregnancy is all too real

Sometimes pregnancy sex doesn't always go to plan.
Sometimes pregnancy sex doesn't always go to plan. Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever tried to engage in sexy time with your significant other while pregnant, you'll know that pregnancy sex comes with its own unique set of challenges.

In a hilarious video, vlogger La Guardia Cross and his wife, Leah, demonstrate that the struggle is real. And provide us with a helpful how-to guide ...

Here's a quick overview:

1. If you've got older kids, put them to bed. "So you can get things started."

2. Oil the pan. Yep - La Guardia explains that during pregnancy "the pan might be dry". Furthermore, mums may require some help accessing said "pan" depending on how far along the pregnancy is.

La Guardia demonstrates pre-requisite pan oiling Image: YouTube

3. Be patient: loading positions can take time ... and pillows will be required. Lots of pillows.

4. Be prepared for speed bumps (in the form of your unborn child). "She totally kicked him," Leah laughs of her growing bub. "And that immediately shut the engine down," La Guardia adds.


5. Find a position that works:  (i.e. roll over to your side)

6. Expect interruptions from older child: (At exactly the wrong moment, of course.)

Watch the pair's very funny demonstration below: