The perfect train for pregnant women

 Photo: Virgin Trains

Getting a seat on public transport has long been the bane of many a tired and sick pregnant woman. With that in mind, a UK company has created a new program to help expectant mums get a place to sit – with many more benefits, too.

Pregnant women travelling on Virgin Trains are now entitled to a special card that will ensures the train conductor will find them a seat, even if it means upgrading them to first class.

After finding that 52 per cent of expectant mums experience cravings while on the move – and that 4 per cent will even get off a train to satisfy their hunger – the company has also introduced the 'Cravings Collection'.

Women listed common cravings as chocolate (34 per cent), chips (21 per cent) and lollies (16 per cent), while anchovies, chillies and chorizo also made the top 20.

With this in mind, pregnant women can now collect a snack box that includes:  

  • anchovies 
  • charcoal biscuits 
  • chilli sauce 
  • chocolate sauce 
  • chorizo jam 
  • curry sauce 
  • ginger biscuits 
  • ginger tisane 
  • ice 
  • Marmite 
  • strawberry jam.

New parents haven't been forgotten in the new program: mums and dads can pick up a box of emergency supplies that includes nappies, baby foods and disposable sterile bottles for use on their travels.

The program was launched in January and can be found on Virgin's West Coast Main Line services, which run between London, North Wales, Glasgow and Edinburgh.