The discovery, fears and celebrations

Juliana finds out they are having a baby
Juliana finds out they are having a baby 

So, August 2009 we decided to try, right? Apparently it takes 6 months to a year (or more) for healthy couples, right? Or perhaps even more.

I am over 35 so I knew we might have more complications but we’d take it one step at the time.

I had a few chats with my gynaecologist early in the year. Then first thing was to use the internet to check an ovulation calculator and ovulation signs. I also started to take folic 3 months before August and cut out caffeine and sweeteners (phenylalanine) - just to be on the safe side. I also decided to get fitter and was going to the gym 3 times a week.

September arrived, time to do the first pregnancy test and check (the pack comes with 3 tests anyway so there you go, a 3 month supply). It will take time and there is no rush now that we decided what we want.  English-Jon looked calm and held my hand saying the traditional "Don't be upset. Sooner or later we will have babies." and I just nodded, "He's right. I guess".

Three minutes later, there they were, 2 pink lines. We are having two pink lines? Wow!  Already?

In my mind I started to think of all the bad things I read on the web, mainly on ectopic pregnancy. Jon was my rock, “Everything will be fine.”

We were over the moon and according to the tools on the web I was probably only 4-5 weeks pregnant (very early, I wasn’t even late yet). Practical Jon and Ju agreed to come down to earth. There is a big journey still. At the moment this is our secret.

That night we went to pick up friends from Sydney at the airport; the following morning we all went to ski in Mount Buller. It was one of the best days. Just felt good. Positive about life. We love the mountains and especially with great friends. I wished I could tell them everything that day. When everyone went for a beer in the afternoon, “Ahhh. Well, I’ve been sick and I am taking antibiotics this weekend”. No one suspected.

So far no physical signs of pregnancy so I went to do the blood exam. Okay I confess we did another drugstore test before that, we just couldn't believe it. The blood exam results took a few days and there it was, positive again.

Next step is getting the ultrasound done. Six weeks pregnant and there we went but there was nothing on the screen. All these feelings, did we miscarry? That's fine, keep it positive. There will be a new ultrasound at 8 weeks. Having to wait those 3 weeks, to keep the secret and avoiding celebrating because nothing is certain.


Still absolutely no signs of pregnancy. I feel normal.

Ultrasound started. She found a foetus. Oops, she found another. We're having twins. I had a hint the night before about twins. Funny, I didn't tell my husband because I kind of felt silly, plus we have no twins in either family.

Okay, this is exciting. We are having a baby, babies actually. Twins are so cute! And it's not that unusual, 3 couples in my office had twins.

They then wanted to do further exams, a vaginal ultrasound. Twenty minutes later she asked if she could get another specialist in the room. We got a bit worried but sure, bring it on. Ten minutes later she asked if their most senior guy could join them too. Okay, now I'm seriously worried. Is everything ok? She said they just needed to check a few things.

In my mind I started to think of all the bad things I read on the web, mainly on ectopic pregnancy. Jon was my rock, "Everything will be fine".

I will never forget, after a 50 minute ultrasound, the most senior specialist looked at me showing 3 fingers and said, "Congratulations, you’re having triplets."

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