7 awesome pregnancy announcements of 2015

The best pregnancy announcements of 2015.
The best pregnancy announcements of 2015. Photo: YouTube/Rader

The announcement of a pregnancy can be a very beautiful thing for most certainly a very much wanted and hoped-for baby is a thing to celebrate. We've looked back over our archives and looked at the most popular announcements of the year. 

1. Dad announces pregnancy to mum


After the Rader family announcement went viral, Nia sadly miscarried and then situation got a whole lot more complicated when Sam Rader's name came up on the Ashley Madison database. They announced another pregnancy in October.

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2. Couple's humorous take on their pregnancy announcement


Matching tees are a sweet way to announce a pregnancy but just wait until you see the other one.

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3. An unusual location for pregnancy announcement


It's not every day you discover in a photobooth, that you're going to be a dad.


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4. It was the last thing he expected after so much heartbreak


This one will make you cry happy tears,

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5. Not everyone has such a huge audience when they announce a pregnancy


Kelly Clarkson shocked even herself when she announced her second pregnancy on stage.

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6. Bun in the oven announcement has him in tears


He assumed it wasn't going to happen for them so his reaction is priceless.

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7. Pregnancy announcement done Britney-style


This Britney Spears parody is an absolute must-see.

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