The 6 best (and worst) gender reveals of 2016

Burnout reveal
Burnout reveal 

Gender reveals are such a fun way of finding out the sex of the baby and in recent years they have really taken off, with couples getting very creative about how they do it. Then there are the priceless reactions that bring an involuntary tear to the eye.

We've chosen five of the best or most interesting gender reveals of the year including one done with hair dye, one done with a single shot from a gun, as well as a big reaction from a dad. There's also one that didn't go to plan and goes down as the most confusing gender reveal of the year.

1. Car burnout gender reveal

In a scene that could just as easily have come from Australia, a car fitted with special coloured tyres does a burnout to reveal the gender of the Aslinger family's second baby in Tennessee. The tyres were shipped especially from a custom tyre business in Queensland, and the results posted on YouTube. Click through through the full article to see the video.

2. Hair colour reveals gender of their baby

Hair colour reveal

In a perfectly executed gender reveal, Amanda Parrish had her hair dyed to reveal the gender of her baby. It was a suggestion from her hairdresser that worked out beautifully, and the delight on the parents' faces is a moment to be treasured. Click through to the full article to see it happen.

3. Only in America...

It's a...

What kind of gender reveal would you expect from a special services soldier? One like no other, of course. This couple had a box filled with coloured chalk and dad fired one shot into the box to make it explode in a cloud of colour. This gender reveal is depicted in a series of professional photos, which you can see here.

4. The gender reveal music video

Gone Viral

This right here is the happiest, bounciest celebration of new life we've seen this year. Two families get together to announce their new pregnancies in music video style and you can't help but smile and bounce right along with them. See the video here.

5. Best dad reaction

Best dad reaction

When you already have four children of the same sex, you bet your bottom dollar your reaction is going to be pretty huge when you discover your fifth child is the other kind. This dad simply couldn't handle the news and luckily he was pretty close to the floor and the wall when he found out. See it unfold here.

6. And the worst gender reveal goes to...

Balloon store didn't understand the request.

And here's the clunker: the poor Krummel family, who had their gender reveal go oh so very wrong. Click through to the full article to watch it all unfold, in the ultimate anti-climax of 2016.