Surprise! Positive pregnancy test used as cake topper

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images 

Everyone remembers the excitement, joy, or perhaps sheer terror, they felt when they first saw two pink lines appear on a pregnancy test. 

But what should you do with the freshly peed on stick once the happy news is confirmed? Throw it in the bin, keep it in a drawer or, as this mama-to-be did, use it as a cake topper.

Yes, a cake featuring a used pregnancy test has gone viral after being posted on the That's Certainly a Cake Wreck Facebook page.

The cake in question.
The cake in question. Photo: Facebook

The page is dedicated to cake fails and many members believe the lack of hygiene shown during the pregnancy test cake's preparation makes it one of the worst they have seen. 

"Gives new meaning to urinal cake," one person wrote.

"This is such a waste of cake, I'm gagging," said another.

In an attempt to understand the thinking of the cake's creator, some group members suggested the stick must have been well and truly cleaned before being given pride of place on top of the cake. But most were not so forgiving.

"Dude, I don't care if you put the lid back on it... don't stick something you peed on on a cake! That should not have to be said!" one group member responded.

"That's f*****g gross. Hands down no amount of bleach that could ever make that OK," added another.


At least one cake lover refused to accept the whole cake was a lost cause.

"Cut that piece off, the rest is good, never waste cake," she said.

Thanks, but we'll pass.