Special image captures twins kissing in the womb

Carissa Gill's ultrasound captured a special moment.
Carissa Gill's ultrasound captured a special moment.  

They say twins have a special connection, and these sisters have shown that bond exists even before birth.

One lucky couple witnessed something amazing during a 4D ultrasound - their unborn twin girls 'kissing' each other in the womb.

Carissa Gill, who is 25 weeks pregnant, and her boyfriend Randy were first happy to see their daughters cuddling each other, and were later ecstatic when the scan captured the girls with their faces up close together as if they were kissing.

"Congratulations Carissa and Randy with your kissing twins," US clinic Fetal Vision Imaging wrote in the caption when sharing the image on Instagram.

Carissa also shared the image on Instagram, writing, "It was hard not to be so thankful during this moment.

"I am legit so blessed and can't wait to meet our two precious princesses. If only I was @beyonce, this photo would go viral in seconds."

Carissa also shared another image of one twin giving the other a kiss on the cheek.

"Isabella giving her sissy Callie a kiss on the cheek," she wrote. "I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received for these two precious babies and the ultrasound that I shared with all of you."

Speaking to Fox 29, Carissa said she was happy her babies' image was being shared far and wide.

"I would love to share this story with the world," she said. "Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this."