Rainbow baby celebrated with incredible maternity photoshoot

The amazing photo of Jessica.
The amazing photo of Jessica. Photo: JoAnn Marrero/From Labor to Love

When Kevin Mahoney organised his wife Jessica's maternity photoshoot, he hoped to capture not only the beauty of this pregnancy, but also the importance of the six heartbreaking losses which came before it.

And, thanks to the brilliant work of photographer JoAnn Marrero, the US couple was not disappointed.

Jessica and Kevin have a son named Corbin, but their attempts to have a second child resulted in six miscarriages. The seventh pregnancy has gone more smoothly and the couple will soon become parents to their rainbow baby.

When Kevin asked JoAnn to book a maternity photoshoot for his wife, the photographer knew she had to do something special for the family. 

With that in mind, JoAnn planned an outdoor photoshoot in which Jessica would literally be surrounded by a rainbow formed with coloured smoke bombs.

"It was quite the explosive surprise and really funny!" JoAnn told the Huffington Post.

"One by one each smoke bomb was set (and not without some duds too), with each burst of colour we watched this portrait coming to life."

The result is a stunning image which has been shared by thousands of people since being posted on JoAnn's Facebook page.

Another photo showed the behind-the-scenes reality of such an amazing shot, as JoAnn wrote, "We used real smoke bombs and double sided grenade ones too! Lots of them, some failed ones and trial and error, smoke everywhere!" 


JoAnn says she was very "proud and honoured" to shoot for the family.

"It was both exciting and insane to see this lovely portrait go viral ... for the family who had felt so many losses prior to this pregnancy," she said. 

"The response has been overwhelming. I'm so happy with the end result for numerous reasons, both personal and professional. Jess also happens to be my friend and neighbour, and I am so proud of her for never giving up hope and Corbin will finally get to be a big brother!"

Jessica is equally thrilled the incredible photograph has been seen around the world. 

"Six babies lost to have the honour to carry this rainbow baby," she wrote on Facebook. 

"I hope my story helps someone else to know they are not alone, as the journey of loss and infertility is dark and lonely."