'Pregnant' baby born in Colombia undergoes c-section one day after birth

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock 

A baby delivered by emergency caesarean in Colombia had to undergo her own c-section a day later due to a rare pregnancy condition.

Doctors diagnosed baby Itzmara's mother, Monica Vega of Barranquilla, Colombia, with "foetus in fetu" in March after an ultrasound when she was seven months pregnant.

The condition occurs when a malformed foetus is found in the body of its twin.

The term vanishing twin describes the process where one twin's developing foetus gets absorbed by the other in the womb. Sometimes the process does not complete and the foetus can end up inside or attached outside the remaining twin's body.

In this case, doctors discovered two umbilical cords inside Vega - one between her and Itzmara and the other between Itzmara and the mass that was her parasitic twin, reports Mamas Latinas.

Concerned the mass could grow and injure the baby's organs, the doctors performed an emergency c-section on Vega so they could then operate on Itzmara. 

The baby had her c-section one day later to remove the mass, which had no heart or brain.

Itzmara was said to be doing well following the surgery.

The condition, foetus-in-fetu, is very rare, with the US National Institutes of Health reporting only one case occurring in about every 500,000 births, according to Insider.

It is usually discovered and dealt with via surgery in infancy, but in rare cases may not be found until much later. In 2016 a teenage boy in Malaysia underwent surgery to remove a foetus, complete with hair, legs, hands and genitals, from his stomach.

The boy, from a family of eight children, was only taken to hospital after complaining of pain in his stomach. The teenager's family was shocked by the discovery of what was causing his discomfort.

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