Oh boy! Enough with the over-the-top gender reveals

This gender reveal explosion ignited the 47,000-acre fire in Arizona.
This gender reveal explosion ignited the 47,000-acre fire in Arizona.  Photo: US Forest Service

One of the biggest surprises you'll ever receive in your life is when you find out the sex of your baby. So, why do people feel the need to turn it into such a huge spectacle?

Isn't simply finding out if you're having a boy or girl the most beautiful celebration in itself?

People go so overboard in sharing the surprise with family and friends that the whole "gender reveal" experience has got out of control.

It's almost become a badge of honour to share your over-the-top reveals on social media, in the hope they'll go viral.

There's been piñatas, Harry Potter sorting hats, balloons, confetti guns, cakes, smoke bombs, silly string, candles, fireworks, and my favourite, gender reveal burnouts.

The ideas are getting increasingly more elaborate, expensive, competitive and in some cases, downright dangerous.

In October this year, an Iowa wife, mother and grandmother was killed after a bit of debris hit her in the head. A couple of days later, also in Iowa there was another huge explosion. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Then there was the dad-to-be who was hit in the nuts by the air cannon. He was having a boy. There have also been wildfires started and countless other near-miss accidents.

Isn't the fact that someone died, and people injured, enough to make people reassess this crazy new spectacle?


What's happened to simply telling people and watching their faces light up in the knowledge you have a human life growing inside of you.

I remember finding out the sex of our three kids and it was so surreal and special. We didn't need a huge party, cannons or fireworks. It was so damn incredible without needing the contrived party.

With one of our girls we kept her sex a secret from everyone until she was born. With one, we waited until she was born to find out her sex and with our other child we found out and told everyone and anyone who cared.

Each time was special. Each time made our hearts race when we found out. Each time was so exciting we didn't feel the need to throw a party to celebrate. We were thrilled to bits just knowing our girls were healthy.

But I understand for some couples it's such a dream come true to be having a baby and they want to share every single moment with family and friends, even having a party to reveal its sex. What I don't understand is when the reveal part is so overly ridiculous or dangerous it takes away from the news itself. Or when the costs could be better used elsewhere, like for buying nappies.

Everything doesn't have to be so grand. You're having a baby – that's the most amazing celebration there is.