Mum shares hilarious ultrasound story - and we can't stop laughing

"The worst thing in OB history just happened to me."
"The worst thing in OB history just happened to me." Photo: Facebook/Chris N Rachel McQueen

A couple has taken to Facebook to share the story of their gynaecologist's epic fail during a routine antenatal appointment - and we can't stop giggling (and wincing).

"The worst thing in OB history just happened to me," declares mum, Rachel McQueen, as she begins her tale. The hilarious clip has now been viewed a whopping 5 million times.

Rachel says that after her ultrasound, her doctor went to conduct an internal exam. At that point, she says, things started to get a little "heated" in the OB/Ultrasound room.

Why? Well, instead of grabbing lubricant, Ms McQueen's doctor picked up the hand sanitizer instead.


Recreating his wife's hilarious response to the doctor's mistake, her husband, Chris, tells viewers that Rachel said, "Oh. OH. Whatever you put in there, it's HOT. You got to GO." 

The adorable couple, who are expecting their fourth child in the coming weeks, then dissolve into absolute hysterics.

 "He grabbed the wrong bottle!" Rachel says wiping away tears of laughter. "Worst experience of my entire life."


"I said please don't use hand sanitiser ever again. Oh man that's hot!"

The funny mum, who has a Youtube channel called "Motherhood Madness", later shared a status update about her condition to Facebook.

"Feeling clean," she wrote.

What a day, indeed.