Millions of people watch woman pretending to be a pregnant giraffe

Erin Dietrich's impersonation of April the giraffe has made her an internet sensation.
Erin Dietrich's impersonation of April the giraffe has made her an internet sensation. Photo: Erin Dietrich / Facebook

A video of a pregnant woman doing her best impression of internet sensation April the pregnant giraffe has gone viral, turning the mum-to-be into an even bigger sensation than April herself. Amazingly, the video has clocked up 21 million views in 24 hours.

The real April garnered loads of online attention after New York zoo keepers installed cameras in her enclosure so they could share the birth of her baby with the world.

But despite millions of people tuning in to watch the birth, April has yet to go into labour, and the webcam has been merely streaming a heavily pregnant giraffe pacing around in its pen.

The spoof video by pregnant photographer Erin Dietrich, from South Carolina in the USA, also features a lot of pacing and waiting.

Erin, a big fan of April the giraffe, is amused by all the attention her video has attracted. "I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this," she told BBC online. "All our friends have been making fun of me and my obsession with April so we just thought 'hey, we should order a giraffe mask'."

Erin's video, which shows her pacing her bedroom, doing squats, sitting in various positions, dancing and waving to the camera, has been shared on Facebook over 325,000 times.

Now fans are awaiting Erin's birth as well as April's. But the difference is, while they can watch the live stream of April's pen, Erin is keeping her privacy.

"I'm gonna need updates on this one now too," wrote one commenter on Facebook. "Who will have their baby first?"


Many others are oblivious to the original April, and are wondering why on earth a pregnant woman with a giraffe mask on her face has shared a video of her standing around.

"Am I the only one who doesn't get what she's doing?" asked one.

Another commenter summed up the situation, "This is PERFECT! *Unless someone has never seen the giraffe video live stream in NY… then you just look like a crazy pregnant woman in a giraffe mask."

Meanwhile, people around the world continue to watch and wait for the original April to give birth, with zoo authorities have assuring the public the big moment will happen "sometime very soon".

Tune into April's webcam below.