Meet Serena William's 'granddaughter' Qai Qai: the doll everyone is talking about

Qai Qai is stealing hearts at the Australian Open
Qai Qai is stealing hearts at the Australian Open Photo: Instagram

All eyes might be on Serena Williams at the Australian Open this week, but off court it's her "granddaughter"- Qai Qai, who's stolen the show.

Qai Qai (pronounced "kway kway") "William's 16-month-old daughter Olympia's doll, made her social media debut in September last year, quietly amassing over 100,000 dedicated followers. But it's her antics downunder that have really cemented her star status.


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Qai Qai was snapped consulting an Australia's Dangerous Creatures for Dummies in Melbourne.


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She's also been captured behind the camera:


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And she's taking in the sunsets of Melbourne. "I was told sunsets are a must on IG. am I doing this right?" Qai Qai quipped.


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Qai Qai has been known to dish out skin care advice:

She enjoys the odd Q & A from under a couch:

And she knows her way around a meme 

The latter may well be why it's widely believed that Reddit co-founder and Qai Qai's grandpa Alexis Ohanian is the wit and sass behind the account. But Qai Qai is having none of it ...

The doll was also the subject of a recent The New York Times feature: "Wait - Is Qai Qai America's Most Important Doll?" And the short answer was: yes.

"Qai Qai takes several (known) forms: She is a doll; an Instagram user; a Twitter user; an animated representation of a doll superimposed onto digital photos; and an imagined Gremlin-like character wreaking pretend havoc on the hypothetical lives of Olympia Ohanian and her family," wrote Caity Weaver.

Speaking to reporters at the Australian Open last week after defeating Germany's Tatjana Maria, Williams said that she wanted her daughter to have a black doll.

"Growing up, I didn't have that many opportunities to have black dolls. And I was just thinking, like, I want her first doll to be black," She explained. "And her heritage, obviously she's mixed, she's Caucasian and black, but I feel like that was her first doll, and I said her second doll would be Caucasian."


@olympiaohanian almost caught me slipping

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