'I'm really going to be a dad?!': real men react to baby news

Thrilled: new dads-to-be share their emotions.
Thrilled: new dads-to-be share their emotions.  Photo: YouTube

Breaking the news to your partner that you're pregnant - especially if it's something you've both been dreaming of - is a moment you'll never forget.

Whether their reaction is a scream of elation, tears of joy, or a giant hug, emotions definitely come to the fore at this precious time.

A new ad by Dove Men+Care, released ahead of US Father's Day, shares the moments when men learn they're going to be a dad - and it's very sweet.

Called "First Fatherhood Moments", and part of Dove's #RealStrength campaign, the clip shows 13 real men reacting to their partner's big announcements. 

"Real strength means showing you care even from the very first moment," the tagline reads.

Excuse us while we get the tissues ...